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The DeskProto Newsletter emails

Archive of all DeskProto Newsletters (starting in 2008)

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Feb 18, 2022
newsletter picture
Indexed machining with DeskProto: tutorial video, improvements and a new gallery project
  • New tutorial video: indexed machining
  • Improvements for DeskProto V7.1
  • Gallery: creating wooden mermaids
  • Results achieved by other users
Aug 12, 2021
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Silicon Valley video, Improvements for V7.1, Woodworking results
  • New video: machining a relief of Silicon Valley
  • Improvements for DeskProto V7.1
  • Gallery: curved stairwell handrail
  • Results achieved by hobbyist users
May 19, 2021
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DeskProto Version 7.1 has been released, Discount on updates
  • DeskProto version 7.1 has been released !
  • Rectangular blocks for rotary machining
  • Enhance your postprocessor: placeholders
  • Discount on updates from older versions
  • Gallery: DeskProto widely used for custom insoles
Nov 12, 2020
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DeskProto for Linux released, new videos, V7.1
  • The DeskProto version for Linux is ready !
  • New DeskProto workflow videos
  • Version 7.1 will bring exciting new features
  • Gallery: Utrecht chess set with iconic figures
July 3, 2020
newsletter picture
DeskProto for macOS released
  • The DeskProto version for macOS is ready !
  • The DeskProto for macOS release video
  • Service release for DeskProto V7
  • One more rotary result shared
March 26, 2020
newsletter picture
New terms for the DeskProto hobby license, MacOS version delayed
  • New terms for the hobby license !
  • DeskProto for MacOS delayed
  • Service release for DeskProto V7
  • MiG-29 project in progress
Dec 6, 2019
newsletter picture
DeskProto in Polish, new videos, Apple, Linux and more
  • DeskProto now also in Polish !
  • Video on CNC machining custom insoles
  • Beta test DeskProto on Linux and on MacOS
  • Two new DeskProto woodworking videos
  • New Service releases for DeskProto Version 7
  • Client project: Custom rudders for racing yachts
May 17, 2019
newsletter picture
More DeskProto activity on social media
  • DeskProto on social media
  • DeskProto now also on Instagram
  • New: you now can recommend DeskProto on Facebook!
  • New Service releases for DeskProto Version 7
  • Client project: Scale model of the Volvo FH-16-750 truck.
Oct 18, 2018
newsletter picture
A new DeskProto V7 service release is available
  • Next Service release for DeskProto Version 7 is available !
  • New: button for 'Send toolpaths to machine'
  • Two short advertisement videos for DeskProto on Facebook
  • Client project: Series of miniature Toyota Aygo cars.
June 12, 2018
newsletter picture
DeskProto V7 now in all 9 languages: Discount action !
  • DeskProto Version 7 now ready in all nine languages
  • 10% discount on all upgrades and updates - in June
  • Stable third DeskProto V7 bugfix build
  • Gallery: Japanese style woodworking.
Apr 04, 2018
newsletter picture
DeskProto V7 has been released !
  • DeskProto Version 7 has been released !!
  • All free updates to V7 have been sent
  • First DeskProto V7 bugfix builds
  • New Version 7 Tutorial, new V7 leaflets.
Feb 14, 2018
newsletter picture
DeskProto V6 bugfix, V7 release, Trade-show and more
  • Last DeskProto V6.1 bugfix build
  • DeskProto V7 is almost ready now...
  • DeskProto V7 to be released next month, on the RapidPro show
  • Gallery: brass production molds for Fun cakes.
Dec 18, 2017
newsletter picture
DeskProto Version 7 will offer real 2D CAM
  • DeskProto V7 will offer real 2D CAM options
  • Free upgrade to Version 7 when you now buy V6
  • DeskProto manuals available in Russian
  • Gallery: the U-2 spy-plane as RC model.
July 28, 2017
newsletter picture
DeskProto Double jubilee discount offer
  • Bargain offer: 22% discount on all DeskProto sales
  • Delft Spline Systems started in 1984: 33 years ago
  • DeskProto V 1.0 was released in 1995: 22 years ago
  • Gallery: create your own custom vacation souvenir !
May 15, 2017
newsletter picture
DeskProto bugfix needed after Win10 cumulative update
  • Fix for bug after the 2017-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10
  • For the latest news follow us on Facebook or Google Plus
  • DeskProto Version 7 developments
  • Gallery: the Dutch violin goes Open Source !
Nov 30, 2016
newsletter picture
Bugfix for repeating "corrupt-error" under Windows 10
  • New build fixes the "corrupt-error" that keeps returning in Win10
  • DeskProto Version 7 developments
  • Video showing a Minion being machined by a robot arm
  • Gallery: wooden "LEGO-doll"
  • Gallery: chocolate "Cow bar".
June 14, 2016
newsletter picture
New DeskProto tutorial video, on advanced rotary machining
  • New tutorial video: advanced rotation axis machining
  • The latest DeskProto bugfix build
  • Gallery: a lower leg brace.
May 11, 2016
newsletter picture
No more DeskProto Newsletters - unless you subscribe

One last time we have sent a mailing to all addresses in our database (via a different route), explaining that the DeskProto Newsletters would cease to arrive unless the addressee responded with a "Please subscribe me" email.
In 2016 we found that we could no longer send Newsletter mailings as we had been reported as spammer. Sending to all downloaders had resulted in too many spam complaints. In addition some downloaders had entered email addresses they did not own, which remained undetected as these addresses were not validated.
So we had to start all over again, using a strict "Opt-in" system that only accepts validated email addresses.

Nov 25, 2015
newsletter picture
Critical bugfix update to keep DeskProto running in 2016
  • Fix for delayed Millennium bug in DeskProto
  • DeskProto Tutorials on
  • Video by DeskProto user in Turkey
  • Gallery: The Dutch violin.
Oct 5, 2015
newsletter picture
DeskProto now also in Japanese and Russian, and more
  • DeskProto now also in Japanese and Russian
  • DeskProto V6.1 runs fine in Windows 10
  • 123WaxRing to be discontinued
  • Gallery: Spork project (rapid product development).
Feb 12, 2015
newsletter picture
New DeskProto website, Dutch trade show, and more
  • New DeskProto website
  • DeskProto to show at the RapidPro event (NL)
  • Gallery: 1:64 scale model of a Corvair Greenbrier van.
June 24, 2014
newsletter picture
New Jewelry video, Zero emission racing car, and more
  • New video: Jewelry wax ring on a Magic-7 machine
  • CNC beats 3D printing for bathroom use (nice Maker project)
  • New Service Release available for DeskProto V6.1
  • Gallery: Zero emission racing car to beat Nürburgring record.
Dec 16, 2013
newsletter picture
New tips & tricks, and DeskProto as Pick of the Week
  • DeskProto selected as Editor's "Pick of the Week"
  • New DeskProto website page: Tips & Tricks
  • New Service Release available for DeskProto V6.1
  • Gallery: Carving sculptured table legs in wood.
Oct 10, 2013
newsletter picture
DeskProto V 6.1 has been released
  • DeskProto Version 6.1 has been released
  • CAD-integration 1: complete automation in Rhino
  • CAD-integration 2: start DeskProto from MoI
  • Gallery: Tunisian children customize racing tricycle.
June 19, 2013
newsletter picture
Beta testing DeskProto V 6.1 has started
  • DeskProto V6.1 Beta testing has started: invitation to join
  • Digital Manufacturing: article on 3D Printing and CNC machining
  • Customize a custom wizard (advanced topic)
  • Moldmaking: the complete process shown in a Gallery project.
Feb 13, 2013
newsletter picture
DeskProto videos, DP in Chinese, win a CNC machine
  • Over 100,000 DeskProto Video views on YouTube
  • DeskProto now also in Chinese !
  • Contest at RapidPro: win iModela milling machine
  • More geographic relief models.
Nov 28, 2012
newsletter picture
San Francisco relief, DP in French and Italian, Win 8
  • Machine a relief model of your USA hometown
  • DeskProto now also in French and in Italian !
  • DeskProto V6 runs OK in Windows 8
  • Next DeskProto bugfix build (Service Release) is ready.
Sept 5, 2012
newsletter picture
DeskProto at World Maker Faire, on Facebook and more
  • Visit us at the 2012 World Maker Faire in New York!
  • Like DeskProto on Facebook!
  • September Discount offer on DeskProto V6 Updates
  • Machining a cookie mold in wood: Gallery project and Video.
June 12, 2012
newsletter picture
Next Pictureframe video, dinosaurs and more
  • Next pictureframe video: now machine it from two sides !
  • New Sherline-to-Roland adapter for 123WaxRing
  • Lower prices for 123WaxRing
  • DP-made dinosaur footprint: latest Gallery project.
March 30, 2012
newsletter picture
DeskProto in Spanish, new video and more
  • New tutorial video: machine this great Picture frame !
  • DeskProto forum on
  • DeskProto V6 Updater
  • DeskProto V6 now also in Spanish
  • Electric train model in DeskProto Gallery.
Jan 18, 2012
newsletter picture
DeskProto Update discount offer almost expired
  • New tutorial video: machine your own avatar !
  • Free updates and Discounted updates
  • DeskProto V6 bugfixes
  • DeskProto V6 now also in Dutch.
Dec 14, 2011
newsletter picture
DeskProto V6 now released !
  • DeskProto V 6.0 has been released
  • Free updates and Discounted updates
  • New DpPictureFrame.stl sample geometry
  • Great five-axis Gallery project, including video.
Sept 13, 2011
newsletter picture
Beta testing DeskProtoV6 has started !
  • Beta testing of DeskProto V6 has started
  • New Service Release (bugfix build) for DeskProto V 5.0
  • Visit us at the 3D Printing Event
  • New jewelry video on DeskProto website.
May 02, 2011
newsletter picture
The DeskProto Hobby-license is back !
  • The DeskProto Hobby-license is back !
  • DeskProto V6 is almost ready for beta testing
  • Visit us at the Materials Engineering trade-show
  • Life-size model of a giant Fork-Lug, made using DeskProto.
Nov 25, 2010
newsletter picture
Sneak preview of DeskProto Version 6 at the Euromold trade show.
  • Visit us at the Euromold show next week
  • We proudly present a new DeskProto brochure
  • JWX-30 waxring wizard and waxmodel wizard released
  • Award-winning Power driver, designed using DeskProto.
Sept 13, 2010
newsletter picture
DeskProto Anniversary bargain offer.
  • Our anniversary bargain offer will expire at Sept 30
  • Many fresh threads on the DeskProto forum
  • Beta testers wanted for JWX-30 waxring wizard
  • Collection of Seal rings, created using DeskProto.
June 7, 2010
newsletter picture
DeskProto Anniversary bargain offer.
  • Anniversary bargain offer: DeskProto HOBBY LICENSE
  • Install the latest DeskProto build, using the UPDATER
  • It's easy to create LITHOPHANES using DeskProto
  • German WoodPrinter, powered by DeskProto.
April 7, 2010
newsletter picture
DeskProto introduces "Class-Pack" for schools.
  • Class-pack of 25 licenses for schools.
  • DeskProto Anniversaries announced.
  • Gallery story about Chocolate Pilcrow Characters.
  • News on DeskProto translations: "Deutsch' and 'Nederlands'.
Feb 22, 2010
newsletter picture
DeskProto opens webshop by offering an introduction discount.
  • New webshop opened on the DeskProto website.
  • Temporary discount results in bottom prices.
  • Gallery story about large urban design model of Maastricht.
Nov 23, 2009
newsletter picture
DeskProto presents free CAM training videos, free 3D models and free software.
  • New: Tutorial videos on the DeskProto website.
  • New: Free 3D models on the website, including a great Coat-of-Arms relief.
  • Automotive Gallery story: the Savage Rivale extreme sportscar.
  • Jewelry Gallery story: mathematics inspired Enneper pendant.
  • Food & Sweets Gallery story: 20 Eurocent coin candy.
Sept 2, 2009
newsletter picture
DeskProto releases lowcost editions in times of crisis.
  • The Vintage edition DeskProto V 4.2 is released
  • Comparison table for the three editions Lite, Vintage and Full.
  • Automotive Gallery story: Windshield for Italian motorcycle.
  • Jewelry Gallery story: fast pathing for wax-model of ring.
  • Music Gallery story: GuitarMill guitar manufacturing.
Aug 3, 2009
newsletter picture
Price changes for DeskProto.
  • Price of DeskProto Lite lowered.
  • Jewelry Gallery story: Golf trophy for Tiger Woods.
  • Architecture Gallery story: Detailed scale model of Venice.
  • Modelmaking Gallery story: Vintage car model in PS foam.
Nov 12, 2008
newsletter picture
DeskProto V 5.0 has been released.
  • New DeskProto version released: V 5.0
  • Euromold show information
  • Comparison table for the three editions Lite, Vintage and Full.
  • Gallery story about a Nike shoe USB stick.
  • Gallery story about a Nascar racing car project.