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Dear John Smith,

We are happy to send you this next new issue of the DeskProto newsletter, about "CNC machining for non-machinists".  We hope that you will enjoy reading.

Graphics: Free CAM software DeskProto Version 7 has been released !!
Three toolpath types that the Free edition can do. After its official release at the RapidPro trade show in the Netherlands, DeskProto V7 now is available for delivery, either as upgrade (for existing users) or as new license.
Free edition:
New clients will be happy that basic CAM functionality in DeskProto V7 may be used without payment: all three images above show toolpaths made with this basic edition.
Trial mode:
Users of this free edition can start the three paid editions in trial mode: all functionality is available, though in trial mode the resulting parts will be "watermarked" by a trial cross. The old 30 days time limitation is no longer present.
2D CAM functionality:
Most important new feature is that DeskProto V7 also offers real 2D CAM: Profiling, Pocketing and Drilling are supported. This is called Vector machining, based on a drawing in a DXF, AI or EPS file.
Your next step:
Download DeskProto V7 and use it; in case needed Buy a license.
Currently V7 is available only in English and in German, more translations will follow. Like us on Facebook or Google+ to be informed about this.

DeskProto V7 splash screen All free updates to V7 have been sent
Three different buttons to load three types of CAD data. We promised all users who bought their V6.1 license after Sept 1st, 2017 to send them a V7 update: these update licenses have all been sent. This has been done between March 15 and March 20, either directly to the end-user or to the DeskProto dealer that sold the original license.

We have found that some of these emails have been delivered in a spam box. Bad luck, I suppose that this was caused by the word "fr.." being used too many times... So in case you are entitled to receive a V7 update and have not yet received it: please check your spam email box and/or contact your reseller. If that does not help then send us an email.

For users who do not qualify for this automatic update DeskProto V7 is of course available at a special update price.

DeskProto V7 updater Setup screen First DeskProto V7 bugfix builds
After releasing Version 7 already a number of bugs have been reported (despite the months of beta testing...). Including a critical error that for a few users made it impossible to activate the license.
In March we have already released two bugfix builds. You can see the complete list of fixes and download an Updater Setup on the Build history page.

DeskProto flyer New Version 7 Tutorial, new V7 leaflets
The new DeskProto leaflet is shown left. It clearly illustrates the three types of machining that Version 7 offers: Vector machining, Geometry machining and Bitmap machining. In addition it does (of course) draw attention to the new Free edition.

Even more interesting is the new V7 Tutorial book. The three types of machining are explained in nine lessons, using interesting sample projects:
1. Beer tray (basic Vector machining)
2. Picture Frame (basic Geometry machining)
3. XYZ logo (basic Bitmap machining)
4. Bottle (advanced Geometry: two halves)
5. Venus (advanced Geometry: rotary axis)
6. Cellphone (advanced Geometry: two-sided)
7. DeskProto bottle   (advanced Vector: project on geometry)
8. Lithophanes (advanced Bitmap: translucent artworks)
9. Dice (five-axis machining)

Try for yourself and download the DeskProto trial version from our website. To get started you can use the tutorials (both video and PDF) and the sample geometries.
This is all possible completely free of charge !

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

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