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DeskProto Privacy Statement

About how we store and use your personal data

One of the obligations that came with the new European GDPR legislation is that we tell you how we treat the personal data that you send us. This does not change how we treat this data (our privacy policy): to our best knowledge this policy already was GDPR-compliant. The only change is adding this written statement about it.

Required by law

We need to store a lot of personal data as that is required by law:
  • All correspondence (letters, emails,...) need to be kept at least 10 years
  • All invoices need to be kept at least 10 years
  • In case of orders: address data, IP address and proof of shipment need to be kept at least 10 years.
This type of data includes your name, company name, address, country, email address, IP address, phone number(s) and any other information that you mentioned in your correspondence.

Used for product support

In addition to the data mentioned above we store information on how you use the DeskProto software, which versions you have downloaded, which machine(s) you combine with DeskProto, your website, the language(s) that you speak. This information is needed to give you proper support, and also to check if you qualify for the low update prices. We will store it longer than 10 years, allowing to also support our customers after that period.

Used for product promotion

The DeskProto Newsletter email is sent 2 to 4 times a year. It is sent ONLY to persons who have explicitly asked us to do so, for instance when downloading or when buying the DeskProto software. In this process the validity of the email address has been confirmed by replying to a second email ("Double Opt-in"). Even in case you have bought the software you will receive the Newsletter only after completing this request.
Information that you entered in messages on the DeskProto forum will remain visible for any forum visitor, as forum topics are an important source of support information.


The website contains tracking code by Google and by Facebook, which uses cookies to measure website traffic and 'conversions' resulting from one of our on-line advertisements. Data is collected about your device, browser, IP address and on-site activities.

General policy

Most important is that we will not share this data with any other party (except of course when sending you a shipment, or when needed for 3rd party support). We will not sell this data or use it for any other purpose. We will safely store it, well protected against hackers and/or any other abusers.

You have the right to view your personal data that we have stored, and also have the right to make us remove that data (unless of course the data that we are obliged by law to keep stored). Please contact us if you want to use that right. Some identification will be needed in order to prevent abuse.