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Where to find CAD software for your design

List of manufacturers of CAD programs

We supply these links to assist all (potential) DeskProto users in selecting their optimal system configuration. Next to that we trust that these links on CNC milling will prove to be a useful source of information for many others as well. For each listing we absolutely do not pretend any completeness: many more suppliers of valuable products do exist. So do not feel offended not to be listed: please feel free to email any updates, suggestions and/or remarks to
Disclaimer: we are not responsible in case any information is invalid, missing or otherwise false.

CAD Systems

In order to use DeskProto you need to have a 3D CAD geometry (DeskProto does not offer any modelling functions), which in most cases will come from a 3D CAD system. Here too very different prices: from a few hundreds of dollars to say 100,000 per seat. We refrain from giving any advice in this matter.