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Download free CAD files for CNC machining

DeskProto offers free 2D DXF patterns and free 3D STL models

Both the DeskProto Tutorial book (PDF) and the DeskProto Instruction Videos use sample drawings and sample geometries to show how to use certain options in DeskProto. In order to follow these lessons using your own machine you need to have the sample drawing or geometry. On this page you can find the patterns (2D) and geometries (3D) that are available, with download instructions for each file.
Note: these files may be used to make your own model. They may NOT be sold or offered for downloading.

Free DXF patterns

DeskProto screenshot of the Beer-tray DXF pattern
Beer-tray with 7 filled cups
This beer-tray is a useful (first) product to machine using DeskProto

This handy beer tray beer tray can also be used for coffee. It is our own design, and is the result of several design iterations. The text on the tray says "DeskProto beer tray", you can of course replace that (using a CAD program) by any custom text. We supply it to all DeskProto users: it comes as a free sample drawing with all DeskProto software downloads, and it features in Lesson 1 of the DeskProto Tutorial book.
Download link: download the DeskProto software, install it and look in the Samples folder.
Tutorial video: Beer tray tutorial video.

DeskProto screenshot of the Stool DXF pattern
Two stools, machined and assembled.
Three separate flat parts: assembled they will make a nice stool.

This DXF file is a pattern to CNC machine a stool: one that you can really sit on. Many patterns for furniture can be found on the Internet, this one comes from, a website that offers many more designs. This stool design has been created by designer Rogério. CNCrouterdesign kindly permitted us to make this pattern available to DeskProto users free of charge. As you can see in the video it is a great project: easy to machine, and a nice result. Thanks !
Download link: the file dp-cncrouterdesign-banquettestool.dxf is a 185 KB DXF file with vector curves. The design is meant for 15 mm thick material (a plywood board of 1000 x 500 mm).
Tutorial video: Making your own furniture video.

Free STL geometries

DeskProto screenshot of the DpPictureFrame model
Wooden picture fram with photo of girl
This picture frame is a great gift: your own home made present !

This beautiful Picture frame geometry has been created for us by Todd Bailey of 4m3D Creative Design, as a custom model for DeskProto. You can easily scale it up (or down) to match the dimensions of the photo to be framed. We supply it to all DeskProto users: it comes as a free sample geometry with all DeskProto software downloads, and it features in Lesson 2 of the DeskProto Tutorial book.
Download link: download the DeskProto software, install it and look in the Samples folder.
Tutorial video: Picture frame: basic CNC instruction videos.

DeskProto screenshot of the Coat-Of-Arms relief model
A coat-of-arms relief, machined in tooling board.
This free Coat of Arms relief can be customized using your own graphics and banner text.

This great Coat-Of-Arms relief has also been created by Todd Bailey of 4m3D Creative Design as a custom model for DeskProto. We supply the model as a free download, hoping that machining this relief will make you appreciate the DeskProto software.
You can easily customize the model by adding graphics and text to the shield and the ribbon: see the Coat-Of-Arms page for the pictures of some nice results made with this relief.
Download link 1: is a zipped 35 MB STL file of the relief with flat shield and ribbon surfaces.
Download link 2: is a zipped 36 MB STL file of the relief with domed (curved) shield and ribbon surfaces.
Tutorial video: COA: machine a Coat of Arms relief in wood.

DeskProto screenshot of the Venus model
Small Venus model being machined in foam
This model is perfectly suited for rotation axis machining a small statue.

The geometry of Venus de Milo (or in fact of her head only) may be supplied by courtesy of Minolta USA. More information on this geometry can be found on the Venus Gallery page. It is used in Lesson 5 of the PDF Tutorial book.
Download link: is a zipped 6.5 MB STL file.
Tutorial video: Rotary machining a statue (Lincoln, Venus, Nefertiti).

DeskProto screenshot of the Cellphone model
Cellphone model being machined
The cellphone STL geometry is a bit old-fashioned design, still a nice example though.

The geometry of this Cellphone front has been modelled by John Brock of McNeel (the creators of the Rhino CAD software). It is used in Lesson 6 of the PDF Tutorial book, the lesson about two-sided machining.
Download link: is a zipped 8 MB STL file.
More information: Cellphone Gallery page.

DeskProto screenshot of the 'Video ring' model
CNC machined wax model of this ring.
A complex ring like this can be machined very accurately (wax model).

This geometry of a beautifully detailed ring has been created by Chris Botha of, to be used in the instruction video on jewelry ring machining that he made for us.
You can find some nice pictures of the resulting ring on the Jewelry videos page.
Download link: is an 8.5 MB file, containing the simple test-ring STL used to create a template project, the template project (DPJ file), the ring STL file, the pyramid STL and the 2D DXF curve that are used in the video.
Tutorial video: Videos on how to machine a jewelry wax model.

Free bitmaps with relief data

DeskProto screenshot with image and toolpaths
The Redetzky relief, machined in acrylic
This heightmap image is one of the samples that come with every DeskProto.

This beautiful relief data file of the Austrian Fieldmarshall Radetzky has been created by HTL-Steyr, a Austrian college teaching both art and engineering. You can load the file in a DeskProto bitmap project to machine this relief.
Download link: download the DeskProto software, install it and look in the Samples folder.

height map image of Silicon Valley
CNC machined relief based on this bitmap
Map of Silicon Valley, in which the grey value indicates the height (the sea has been colored blue for a clear view).

This image contains a geographic relief model of Silicon Valley (the San Fransico Bay area in the USA). We have created this file using Digital Elevation Data (satellite-made measurements) from free sources, as described on the USA-reliefs Gallery page on this website.
Download link: BayArea-HeightMap.png is an 8 MB image file, ready to be loaded in DeskProto (to download click the right mouse button and select "Save link as...").
Tutorial videos:
Silicon Valley relief: how to machine this Silicon Valley dataset to machine a geographic relief (DP V7.1).
Geographic reliefs: how to colect digital elevation data for other areas (DP V6.0).