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Dear John Smith,

We are happy to send you this next new issue of the DeskProto newsletter, about "CNC machining for non-machinists".  We hope that you will enjoy reading.

Money tree cartoon detail New terms for the hobby license !
Cartoon with DP user watering CNC money tree
This week the license terms for a DeskProto hobby license have been changed. Reason is that many hobby users now and then want to sell a CNC machined product (to cover some of their cost) without the intention to create an income. The old hobby license did not allow that.
The new hobby license allows such "hobby businesses", up to an annual revenue of 3000 Euro. This can of course also be used by a startup business, in order to upgrade to a commercial license when the revenue has grown above this limit.

When you need to stay at home because of the corona-control regulations: this may be a good time to see if your hobby CNC machine can be used to generate some extra income.
Or just for fun: the DeskProto website offers nice free models for download! Both 2D and 3D models, see Download/FreeModels.

Apple logo DeskProto for MacOS delayed
Screenshot the DeskProto install screen on MacOS
Finalizing 'DeskProto for MacOS' to be released takes much more time than expected. Our beta testers found a number of issues (thanks!), and some of these can't easily be solved as Apple does not make things easy for software developers...
In addition, the development for MacOS has now come to a halt: due to the corona crisis the programmer is working from home, and from there he can't access our development Mac computers.

So please be patient: the new version is on it's way, though we cannot yet tell you when. The version for Linux will be completed after the version for MacOS has been released.

DeskProto V7 updater Setup screen Service release for DeskProto V7
In the DeskProto Help menu you can find the option "Check for Update". It will tell you if you are using the latest build of the program: we regularly release Bugfix Builds (Service releases) for DeskProto.

The latest V7 build was released this month (rev 9534), the list of fixes can be seen on the Buildhistory page. Here you can also find a link to the Updater setup (which can only be used when V7 has already been installed). Download it and update your DeskProto V7 free of charge.

DeskProto screenshot of the model's fuselage MiG-29 project in progress
Mold for the air-inlet of a Mig-29 model
In June last year model builder Mike (Australia) started a new project:
a MiG-29 model jet, scale 1:10. He started with test-parts in foam, to check the parts before machining in tooling board. The (many) steps in this process are shared on our social media pages: Instagram and Facebook, so follow us to see each step. Currently Mike is working on production molds for the thin-walled actual parts in fiber-reinforced polyester.

This jet (a radio controlled flying model) will be optimized for speed. Wingspan 1200 mm, total length 1550 mm. Jet engine will be a 63V 90mm fan with 6 kg thrust.
Mike is an enthusiastic DeskProto user since 2006: DeskProto proves to be a perfect tool for his application. Also see a previous project by Mike: the Lockheed U-2 spy plane on

Try for yourself and download the DeskProto Free edition from our website. To get started you can use the tutorials (both video and PDF) and the sample geometries.
This is all possible completely free of charge !

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

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