News, Aug 2009

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Dear John Smith,

After the summer vacation the price of DeskProto Lite will change, which is news that you might want to know in advance. We are happy to announce that from Sept 1st DeskProto Lite will be cheaper:

  • DeskProto Lite will be much cheaper: only € 145.00
  • Educational Lite licenses will no longer be available

This means that in case you plan to buy an educational DeskProto Lite you need to do so now: from Sept 1st the current very low educational price of € 62.00 will no longer be valid. So by ordering an educational Lite license now, you will save 83 Euros.

The price of DeskProto Full will not change.

DeskProto is available both via your DeskProto reseller
and via a direct order

The new prices will be valid from Sept 1st. At that time we will inform you in more detail and we will also have our website changed to show the new situation.

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings. 

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