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Sent to: John Smith, Delft Spline Systems, NL
via <>

(sent to all contacts in our database, subscription information below)

Dear John Smith,

We have been sending DeskProto Newsletter emails since 2008, a few times a year, presenting new developments, trade show presentations and interesting user's stories. The newsletter was emailed to all email addresses in our database, including all trial version downloaders (as mentioned on the download page).

Unfortunately this has resulted in a spamming status: some trial downloaders were angry about this automatic subscription, and we found that also unwanted emails were sent because the email addresses were not validated (so it was possible to enter someone else's email address). We now need to start all over again: with a fresh database and adding email addresses only after a subscription request.

This means that we will stop sending you the DeskProto Newsletter, unless you respond to this (last) mailing. In order to keep receiving news about DeskProto updates:
reply to this email, writing "Please subscribe me" in the subject line or in the email.

Use the email address <> that we used when sending: only then we can be sure that this is indeed your own address. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
And finally:
in case you are not interested in DeskProto: our apologies for having spammed you so far.

Best regards,

Lex Lennings.

Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
We offer DeskProto: CNC machining for non-machinists.
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