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News, Dec 2013

Sent to: John Smith, Delft Spline Systems, NL
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Dear John Smith,

We are happy to send you this next issue of the DeskProto newsletter,
about "CNC machining for non-machinists".  We hope that you will enjoy reading.

Editors Pick of the Week in Desktop Engineering DeskProto selected as Editor's "Pick of the Week".
One of the major Design Engineering technology news sources in the USA is Desktop Engineering (publishing via a magazine, websites and email newsletters). So we were delighted to hear that editor Anthony J. Lockwood selected DeskProto as his "Pick of the Week" for week 48. He picks the products he thinks will help you do your job better, smarter and faster: of course we cannot but agree with him on this pick !
Read the Pick of the Week article >>

New menu choice 'Tips & Tricks' New DeskProto website page: Tips & Tricks.
Some support issues will come up frequently however are not really suited for the FAQ as they require an in-depth explanation. We have added a new support page for these issues, called "Tips and Tricks". Currently tips are available on CAD programs (MOI and Rhino), on machines (Gerber, Magic 7 and Roland), and on using DeskProto (Rotation axis tricks). More tips will follow.
See website page  Tips and Tricks >>

Temporary discount on DeskProto Upgrades New Service Release available for DeskProto V6.1
-> For users who already updated to V6.1: a new buxfix build has been released: in DP V61 use Help > Check for update... to check your build.
Note: to run the Updater (the next step) you need to close DeskProto.
-> For users of V6.0 the upgrade to V6.1 is FREE.
-> For other users: the discount on upgrades will be available until Jan 15, 2014. Upgrading to V6.1 will allow using Win7 and Win8, will remove the dongle and will offer exciting new features. For upgrade price information see the Upgrade order page >>

Carving sculptured table legs in wood Gallery: Carving sculptured table legs in wood.
Woodworking is a great application for DeskProto, either professionally or as a hobby. This Gallery story shows DeskProto being used to create sculptured table legs: for a custom table with a unique design. This is a great example of what can be achieved using DeskProto on a machine with a rotation axis (indexer). On a smaller scale you do the same and produce 3D pen 'turnings'.
Read the story on Gallery: CarveTech >>

Try for yourself and download the DeskProto trial version from our website.
To get started you can use the tutorials (both video and PDF) and the sample geometries.
This is all possible completely free of charge !

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

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Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
We offer DeskProto: CNC machining for non-machinists.
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