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Dear John Smith,

We are happy to send you this next new issue of the DeskProto newsletter, about "CNC machining for non-machinists".  We hope that you will enjoy reading.

DeskProto V7 updater Setup screen Next Service release for DeskProto Version 7 is available !
We have just released a new Bugfix Build (Service release) for DeskProto Version 7. More than a hundred issues have been fixed, including a few possible crash situations. Also some nice new features are present, like support for AI layers and the new toolbar button described below. We advise to install this update.
The list of fixes can be seen on the Buildhistory page, where you can also find a link to the Updater setup (which can only be used when V7 has already been installed). Download it and update your DeskProto V7 free of charge.

Machine icon New: button for 'Send toolpaths to machine'
screenshots This Send button in the new release is present only when in the Preferences a Destination for the NC Output has been configured. That can be a hardware port, a printer driver or an external program. This is a great option to configure your control software (or a text editor): pressing the button will then open the control software with your current toolpaths loaded !
This does not work for all control software: the software needs to read the name of the NC file as command line parameter. Most programs do, see the examples above (Kay, Notepad++, PlanetCNC, WinPC-NC). Unfortunately Mach3 does not support this feature.
As you can see the new button automatically displays the desktop icon of the program that you have configured, and shows its name in the tooltip text.

Video start  screenshot Two short advertisement videos for DeskProto on Facebook
We have started advertising on Facebook , both with images and with videos.
Two short video advertisements are present:
- the Picture frame : 3-axis machining with the picture frame sample geometry
- the Venus sculpture : 4-axis machining with the Venus of Milo sample geometry.
You are of course very welcome to share these videos as widely as you can !
Some new tutorial videos for DeskProto V7 will follow later this year.

video still Client project: Series of miniature Toyota Aygo cars
DeskProto user Envisioneers from South Africa shared a nice video. They created a series of miniature Toyota Aygo's, for a TV commercial. Machining the master mold was done using DeskProto, combining operations with both large and small cutters. See for yourself on their YouTube video.
They tell us that DeskProto is being used for many of their projects :-)

Try for yourself and download the DeskProto Free edition from our website. To get started you can use the tutorials (both video and PDF) and the sample geometries.
This is all possible completely free of charge !

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

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