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News, Feb 2013

Sent to: John Smith, Delft Spline Systems, NL
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Dear John Smith,

We are happy to send you this next issue of the DeskProto newsletter,
about "CNC machining for non-machinists".  We hope that you will enjoy reading.

DeskProto channel on YouTube: nice tutorial videos ! Over 100,000 DeskProto Video views on YouTube.
Videos are a great tool to teach novice users how DeskProto can be used for various applications. The DeskProto channel on YouTube features 18 videos, telling about: 5-axis work, Avatar milling, Basic skills, Jewelry wax models, Lithophanes, Picture frames, Venus and much more. Latest addition is a tutorial video on geographic relief machining.
Also see the Playlist with Videos by DeskProto users >>
Join the 100,000 prior visitors on the YouTube DeskProto channel >>

Bottle with Chinese characters in relief DeskProto now also in Chinese !
Last week we have released a DeskProto translation in Simplified Chinese. This is perfect for users in mainland China, and can also be understood by users in HongKong and Taiwan. For current users (DP V6) the translation is a free update.
DeskProto now is available in seven languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
A Chinese trial version is available at >>

Logo RapidPro trade fair Contest at RapidPro: win iModela milling machine.
Delft Spline Systems and Roland DG will exhibit together at the RapidPro
trade fair and conference in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. The show is on Feb 26 and 27. Admission is free, registration is required at >>
At the RapidPro Roland organizes a Contest, offering an iModela CNC milling machine as prize.
Also on display will be a beautiful relief model of the Dutch coast (see below), and the most Rapid Prototype ever: the Savage Rivale >>

Link to the geographic relief models page More geographic relief models.
The small image left shows the Port of Rotterdam in relief, including the bottom of the sea. It is part of a larger relief: the complete coastline of the Netherlands. This coastline has been machined as a 7 meter long relief model for a Dutch coastal defence exhibition. This same model, machined in wood on a smaller scale, is competing for the RapidPro Award. Read more: Dutch coast and sea bottom model >>
A great new USA relief shows the complete Bay Area (Silicon Valley), machined in wood. See Gallery page USA relief models >>

Try for yourself and download the DeskProto trial version from our website.
To get started you can use the tutorials (both video and PDF) and the sample geometries.
This is all possible completely free of charge !

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

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Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
We offer DeskProto: CNC machining for non-machinists.
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