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Using DeskProto: information, tips and tricks.

This page presents videos about DeskProto topics other than toolpath calculation. Like downloading and installing, as shown in the first video on this page. More videos will follow: with tips and tricks about the user interface, about machines, postprocessors, etc.

You can also find basic information about using DeskProto in the printed or PDF DeskProto Tutorial.

1. Download and install

This video introduces the program and shows how to download and install   (DP V7, 8.7 min)

After a brief introduction this video shows step by step al that needs to be done in order to download a DeskProto Setup file. After that it shows how to install the DeskProto software with this Setup file, and what to answer on the configuration question that appears when DeskProto is started for the first time. The difference between the Free edition and the paid editions is explained, after which the video ends with showing how to start one of the wizards.

Subtitles are available and can be switched on, in English and in Dutch.

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2. Machine not listed ?

This video tells you what to do when your machines is not listed in DeskProto   (DP V7, 7.6 min)

When starting DeskProto for the first time DeskProto will pop up the "Initial Settings" dialog, in which you are asked to select your machine from a list. Though this list is long, you may find that your machine is not present. This video explains how to proceed.

This video is on HD quality (1280x720 pixels).
Subtitles are available and can be switched on, in English and in Dutch.

This same information is also available in written form, on the DeskProto Tips&Tricks page What to do when your machine is not listed.