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Pathing and tooling errors.
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11:06 CEST

Hi all firstly :)

I am going to be in partnership with someone that just bought deskproto and so i decided to download and play with the demo. Usually i learn new software in minutes to hours.. but this has got me stumped.

I have hit two snags which have me bamboozled.

When i use the skip total ambient feature the on rotary paths the path "edges" are rotated incorrectly resulting in the path being applied about 10 degrees skew to the model. see image attached. this image is of another users install and he gets same net result as me. i think his image gives a better indication, you can see where the holes are offset.

Secondly.. i tried setting up tools and with all pathing programs the developers names for each part of a tool are different so i always open his own tools to check how they work. the 123waxring cutters labeled as 123waxring 15 degree included angle have a half angle of 9.5 degrees? similarly the 20 degree tool has a half angle of 12 degrees?

any clues here?

thank you.

11:18 CEST

hre is image of the tool issue.

12:41 CEST
Hi Chris,

You are a good tester: you have found both a brand-new bug and an anomality in the cutter definitions.

The incorrectly rotated toolpaths are indeed a bug: I have been able to reproduce this in a test project. In this project the error is present ONLY when the Minimum Z-level of the Operation segment has been set to 0.00 For other MinZ levels the toolpaths are OK. This will be the reason that the bug had not yet been found.
We will work on this issue and inform you when a fix has been made: until then a workaround is to change the MinZ value (at least I hope that will work for you too).

The cutter definitions of the two Conic 123WaxRing cutters have been made for the 123WaxRing system. There a ring model is machined from two sides and then in rotation mode.
In this process, when the Workpiece zero point is slightly off the actual rotation axis, the cutter will remove too much material. This is visible most on vertical edges, where the sides of this conical cutter will damage the top edge. In order to prevent such damages the Angle in the cutter definition has been set a bit smaller than the angle of the actual cutter. This will not result in errors as the tip of the cutter will correclty machine the geometry anyway.

I hope that this makes sense to you.


12:59 CEST
ok thats good news thanks, i was nervous to start cutting as i was not ure my tool definitions were accurate. i also set my 10 degree ballends to a higher degree because of the same issue. thank you for that feedback.

on the tool path thingy, my z is set to 8mm in all cases so i dont think that sorts it but i will retest now :) I am really keen to see this work because i have to setup up bizarre constraining toolpaths at the moment in my current pathing software to stop the tool plunging down the sides in the rotary pass.

will feedback in a few minutes on the z thing.

13:05 CEST

with my z at 7.5 in this attempt i got same result. approx 10 degree rotational error. zoomed on claws where it is more apparent.

00:42 CEST
I have done a quick video of a flip plus rotary setup. now im not really the person to be doing this as i know very littel about DP so far. Watch and let me know what you would do better?

video here

files here

18:01 CEST

Lex, Thank you for bugfix. Works Perfectly!

Your attention to bugs and the fast resolution time is very impressive.

I think i will enjoy using this software :)

Kind Regards

11:57 CEST
The bug has indeed been fixed in the latest build, and a number of other fixes too. See the Build history list.

Note that while I can promise you immediate attention for all bugs, with the quick resolution time you have been lucky :-) Cannot achieve that for all bugs.

Thanks for the video that you posted above: this is indeed the type of thing that we need to add to the website. My personal preference is reading manuals, however I may not project that preference on others, as many will prefer a video like yours over a manual.
Any reader: feel free to comment on this issue !

The video links to a 38 MB swf (shockwave) file, featuring about 38 minutes of Rhino/DeskProto instructions. Note that on some browsers the video needs a lot of time to get started.


12:19 CEST
Also a few suggestions after watching the video:

- you can use the default part and default operation to store the settings that you prefer (Options menu).

- the "Free movement height" is not the Z-value for rapid movements: it is the extra height above the top of the segment for rapid movements. So in case above 0 it should be safe.

- in order to edit a set of parameters you can just doubleclick the line in the tree: using the context menu (right mouse button) is not needed.

- the "Feedrate for high chiploads" is a very nice option: it will automatically slow down the cutter in "times of distress".
For this parameter, and also for any other: you can use the Help button for a thorough explanation.


13:21 CEST
Thank you , i pretty much got that figured now :) just finished my first cut pathed with DP so learned a whole heap more :)

Just replied to your email with images and the project :)


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