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Graphics problems when using DeskProto
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10:57 CET
All images in the DeskProto View windows are drawn using the OpenGL high-end graphics language. So in order to use DeskProto your graphics card and display driver need to be OpenGL compatible.

Almost all cards are, only for a few you need to explicitly select a driver that is OpenGL compatible. See FAQ issue www.deskproto.com/support/faq.php#graphics6.

Still some drivers will cause problems, like strange characters on the screen, a black graphics screen, a crash on exit, or even DeskProto not starting at all.
In such cases the advise is to update to the newest driver that is available for your card (after checking that it is OpenGL compatible).

When that does not help you can play with the settings for hardware acceleration in the Properties dialog of the driver (these may be called Optimization, or Speed versus quality, or alike). Changing these settings may help.

Recently a user reported that for his Intel graphics card on Win10 such settings were not available, however that he found an option called "Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator" in the Devise manager. Disabling that option solved his problem (DeskProto refusing to start). See the screenshot below.


10:58 CET

The Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator being disabled.