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v6.000 Wizard Problem
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22:27 CET
Hi Lex,
I am having a problem with the Wizard in v6.000 x64. I am setting up a rotary file. I load geometry, center geometry around axis, and then proceed to step3 to setup material. This is where the problem occurs.

If I leave the default size (same size as model), everything is OK. When I enter my actual material size, in this case 8 x 2", and then proceed out of the dimension box, I get a tooltip that warns about milling depth. DP changes the value to something really small, like .0034" where I put the 8 and 2 in and also on the milling depth no matter what I do.

It will not let me go on to step 4.

I sometimes like to use the wizard and know how to do it without the wizard...which works OK. Just wanted to post this in case it is a bug.


10:33 CET
Hi Bobby,

Thanks for mentioning this, as this is a new bug that we did not yet know. It was not present in the original V6 release build, so it has been introduced by a more recent bugfix. We hope that we wil have a new fix ready soon.


12:01 CET
Hi Bobby,

This week we have made a first Service Release for DeskProto V6. This issue is one of the issues that have been fixed: it concerned a missing inch/mm conversion in the wizard.

See the page "Build history" on the menu left for more information and for a link to the Updater.