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Gerber Dimension 200 / Sabre 408
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18:10 CET
I´ve got a Gerber Dimension 200, and I´m looking for any software to play machine, cause the original Gerber Software is lost, and I want a more complete one, so I´m trying to use yours, but this machine is not in the list, but another Gerber ones, so I would like to know if it´s posible to use the software with this machine.

Thanks and regards

10:45 CET
Hi Antonio,

Gerber is a special brand of machines, as the manufacturer wants his clients to use ONLY Gerber software. In order to achieve this they have designed a very non-standard binary communication with the machine, and refuse to give any information on this to other software manufacturers. In my view a very weird attitude: I would only buy a machine that is open to be combined with any software.

Still there is hope: one software manufacturer has found how this Gerber communication works, and has made a program for Gerber that does read 'foreign' files. This program is called the "ArtCam Gerber Spooler" and is made by Delcam in the UK (www.delcam.com).

This solution works great: we have several clients that successfully use DeskProto and this ArtCAM spooler on their Gerber machine. The only drawback is the price: this spooler cost about 1000 Euro, so it will double your software investment. For more details on the spooler please contact the nearest Delcam reseller.

Further about machines in DeskProto: the list of machines only shows a different Gerber model. For testing you can use that model, and if it works we can help you add a new machine definition with the correct dimensions, speeds etc.

Best Regards,


11:49 CET
Many thanks.


15:11 CET
New information on this subject.

This week I have tried to buy the ArtCam Gerber Spooler for a new DeskProto client with a Gerber Sabre 408 machine. However, currently Delcam no longer offers this program as a seperate product: is can only be obtained as part of a complete ArtCAM license (about € 5.000,-).

That is of course a pity for Gerber owners who want to use DeskProto with their machine: this is no longer possible.

So when you consider buying a Gerber machine: only do so when you are absolutely sure that the Gerber software and ArtCAM will satisfy all your needs. In case you are not sure you can better buy a CNC machine that is open to all CAM software.


20:37 CET
I ran into same promblems with other machines
that had there own codes and quirks
If the machine is old and in good shape or just want to update.
You might want to check out cnc retrofits
There are thousands out there on the net at all prices
They all offer more goodies then orgenal controllers
and at higher speeds.
I have 4 machine with retrofits and load in just about any codes.
If your not good a wirering there are plug and play controllers allso.

01:13 CEST
Thank you

11:41 CEST
New feedback has come in from a different Gerber user (Gerber Sabre 404). He tells that this Gerber machine can be set to accept G-codes.

Here is how this works:
"Before you can run the G code file you must set up the Sabre to recognize and accept the G code file. Perform the following steps:
1. Open SETUP MENU 3 on the Sabre control pad.
2. Press A to open the SELECT JOB DATA menu.
3. Press A until the display reads “G-Codes.” "

This client also tells that now NC files from DeskProto, after selecting the machine "Gerber Sabre 404" (which uses postprocessor "Gerber router (iso)"), can be run.
Still with a few minor issues, however we got no further feedback on that. I will update this forum thread once I know more.