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EPS files as well as DXF
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16:54 CET
Hey Lex,

Is it a possibility for Deskproto to import EPS files as well as DXF for 2D machining in the future?

I know the "engineering" crowd uses programs like AutoCad, Solidworks etc that can generate DXF that'll work well, but the "artistic" guys like me use Illustrator and other vector drawing programs that don't do so well converting to a DXF that will work.

21:03 CET
Hi Harry,

Just this week we have been discussing if support for more filetypes would be needed in the next version. You make a good point in EPS being the defacto standard for graphics applications, rather than DXF.

Let's see if this forum works: any more DeskProto users around who would benefit from EPS import for 2D ?

Cannot yet make any promises though: no idea how complicated this format is.


10:12 CEST

EPS would be a really good alternative to DXF. I would love to see an update with EPS import possibility.

12:44 CEST
Hi to all,

Support of EPS is desired by "the artistic crowd" as the programs used are not capable of exporting DXF.

Problem is that EPS import is quite difficult to implement, as it is a much more complicated format than the other supported formats. Curves for instance will be described as splines (which DeskProto does not understand), so a conversion from splines to polylines is needed in the EPS import filter.

A workaround might be to use plotfiles instead (HPGL), as these files are easier to read. It seems a bit dated format though. Would that solve the problem, or in other words: can the graphics programs used also export PLT instead of EPS ?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Best Regards,


23:01 CEST
Don´t waste time on support for the EPS format.

Adobe Illustrator supports DFX exports, and I think that most of the "Artistic Crowd" would be familiar with AI.

AI is probably the most used vector-based program among illustrators/designers.

Best regards,
Håvard H

13:41 CET
As you will have seen importing 2D EPS and AI files is supported now, starting in DeskProto V 5.0

We have tested using several 3rd party EPS and AI files. Recently I tried with an .AI file that I created using Adobe Illustrator CS3: write a text using the "Type tool" and save the file as .ai file.
However, DeskProto could not read it's contents.

The solution appeared to be two extra actions in Illustrator:
1. Convert the text to Contour lines:
select the Text element, press Right mouse button and in the context menu choose "Create outlines"
2. Save the file as "Illustrator 8" (legacy formats). You can do so in the Illustrator Options Dialog that is shown when saving the file (if not, use Save_As).

We also have found that in the first builds of Version 5.0 the scaling of EPS files was not completely correct.
DeskProto used value 0.35211 mm for one EPS unit.
This needs to be 0.35277 mm (1/72 inch).
Will be corrected in the next bugfix build: please email if you need that build.