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A simple thank you..
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13:06 CEST

Lex.. im pretty fast to complain when stuff does not work right but I'm as happy to report when it does work right..

Now that i got it figured im happy to say DeskProto is a welcome addition to my toolbox, fast, efficient, reliable.

took me about 10 minutes to setup and path this job. That is faster than i have ever done three sided work.

Thank you.

15:58 CEST
See? I told you it's fast and easy...... : )

18:01 CEST
The ring-fixture shown in the pictures above is the "4th OPTION" fixture, made and sold by Brant Emery in the USA.

It can only be used for the rotary pass, not for the first two passes (milling from both sides with a 180 degree flip in-between). Still: when for these passes you just clamp the wasbock in your 4-jaw chuck, this fixture is all that you need.

For more information you can email Brant at wax-guy[at]comcast.net


21:55 CEST
A quick note here.. that fitting is supplied like that, along with a 3.17mm EM, and a NC toolpath for finalising the tool. Also supplied are some files for testing 3 sided cutting, the idea with the EM being that you finish cutting the fixture yourself, depending on how demanding your work is.

In my case I have less than 0.025mm eccentricity after tramming my rotary with an interface between the rotary and the 4 Jaw chuck I use, but most rotary units will have some degree of eccentricity and the final finishing of the arbor with the 3.17 EM means you can cut the arbor to be 100% concentric to your own particular rotary.

A nice tool.

05:05 CEST

all these cut with DP and Brants Arbor.

11:11 CEST
Hi Chris,

Great to also see the resulting models. Very smooth surfaces ! For me (I am not a jeweler) always a surprise to see how different a ring looks in wax and in high gloss metal.

For other readers: the left ring is the same as used in the Three-Sided Ring tutorial that Chris made for us. This STL file is available for download on the ZIP file for this tutorial.