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Before you join in, please read the forum rules !
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20:12 CEST
First of all welcome on the DeskProto forum !
This forum may be used to ask DeskProto related questions, and to share DeskProto related information.

The following rules apply :
- No flaming (insulting or rude language) is permitted
- No illegal material or links to websites offering this
- No SPAM (though news on DeskProto related subjects is welcome)
- No porn or shocking material
- No subjects or messages entirely in CAPITALS
- The forum language is English (for a German DeskProto forum see www.deskproto.de)

The forum is moderated, so messages that are not conform these rules will be removed. In case needed users can be blocked as well.

A few tips :
- Use the search function to see if your problem has already been discussed before. Try the FAQ as well.
- Use the Thread title to summarize your message

We hope that this forum will improve the results that you achieve using DeskProto, and also that it will help us improve the program.