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DeskProto V 4.0 released at Euromold 2003.

For immediate release, Oct 2003.

Utrecht (the Netherlands) -- Oct 1, 2003 -- Delft Spline Systems of the Netherlands will be releasing a new version of the DeskProto software during the 2003 Euromold trade show. DeskProto is a 3D CAM package, renown for it's focus on Rapid Prototyping: any designer can use DeskProto to create prototypes in-house. The new version will be shown on the combined stand of Delft Spline Systems (Netherlands) and Filou Software (Germany), including live machining demos to show how easy it is. Feel free to bring along your own STL geometry file !

deskproto screenshot
By machining this statue from six sides DeskProto can reach surfaces that would otherwise remain solid. Shown are the toolpaths for the first side.

"Adding new features while maintaining ease-of-use is difficult in software development." says Lex Lennings, product manager for DeskProto. "We have solved this by using Wizards to assist novice users, for instance the exciting new N-sided Milling Wizard. Using this wizard a detailed prototype can be created by machining from any (N) number of sides."

In addition to this new Wizard, DeskProto V 4.0 also includes extra machining strategies, and an option for simple 2D machining and engraving. All new features have been selected after extensive user-research.

deskproto screenshot
The CNC toolpaths for the second side, at 60 degrees rotation.

The basics of DeskProto have remained the same: it can import STL files (the standard file format for RP) from any 3D CAD system, and export toolpath information to any CNC milling machine. DeskProto is aimed at designers, who do not know much about CAM and do not want to be bothered with that knowledge as well. DeskProto makes the procedure from 3D CAD file to CNC toolpath file very easy: it will take care of any potential problem and solve it without bothering the user.

Despite it's low-end price DeskProto includes high-end features, like automatic feedrate reduction at high chiploads, collet collision check, full rotation axis support, the two-sided milling wizard, and much more. Current users range from one person design and models shops to multinational A-brand companies like Unilever, Lancome, Sony-Ericsson and NASA.

At the Euromold fair DeskProto will be presented directly at the entrance of Hall 9.1, stand number F05. Of course a CNC milling machine will be present for real demonstrations.

About Euromold

Euromold is worldwide the leading trade fair for Modelmaking, Moldmaking, and Design. Presented are technologies and innovations for Design, Prototyping and Series Production. Euromold 2003 is the 10th Euromold, expecting over 50.000 visitors and over 1.600 exhibitors, from 45 countries. The Fair is held in Frankfurt (Germany), on 3 to 6 December 2003. For more information see

About DeskProto

DeskProto by Delft Spline Systems is the 3D CAM program that has made CNC milling a competing technology for Rapid Prototyping. The software can import STL files from any 3D CAD system, and can export NC program files suited for any 3-axis CNC milling machine. Key features are the low price and ease of use (the software is aimed at designers, not at CAM specialists) .
For more information see or (in German)


For an illustration the above pictures are available in high resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) as well:
Caption for this illustration is : "By machining this statue from six sides DeskProto can reach surfaces that would otherwise remain solid . Shown are the toolpaths for Side 1 at 0 degrees and for Side 2 at 60 degrees rotation."

For more information

For more information on this press release contact Lex Lennings of Delft Spline Systems
Tel +31 30 296 5957, Email

DeskProto is a registered trademark of Delft Spline Systems.