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DeskProto® releases Free CAM software for Vector (2D), Geometry (3D) and Bitmap (relief).

For immediate release, June 2018.

[A new DeskProto version has been released, featuring an edition that may be used free of charge, as shareware.]

Utrecht (Netherlands) -- June 12, 2018 -- Delft Spline Systems (NL) released a new Free Edition of its well-known DeskProto CAM software. It offers basic CAM functionality for machining 2D vector data, 3D geometry data and for reliefs based on bitmap images. This free edition can be downloaded and used without any payment; three extended editions are available at low prices.

"With prices of simple CNC milling machines steadily falling, users are looking for lowcost CAM software", says Lex Lennings, DeskProto spokesman. "We were very happy that we now can offer a free edition, allowing new machine owners to immediately start machining, without any additional expense."

DeskProto screenshot shoing a simulation
DeskProto simulation of a part created using geometry data (the bottle), vector data (DeskProto logo) and bitmap data (the girl). For combining multiple types of CAD-data in one part an extended edition is needed.

What makes DeskProto stand out of the CAM crowd is that all types of CAD-data are supported: 2D jobs like nameplates and front-panels, 3D jobs like sculptures and scale models, reliefs based on digital images. Even the Free edition supports all three types of CAM.
As the user interface is friendly for users without much prior CAM experience, the DeskProto Free edition is a perfect tool to start exploring CNC. Later a decision can be made either to keep using the Free edition, to upgrade to a paid edition or to look for a different CAM program. Machine builders are welcome to deliver each new machine with a free DeskProto, as that will allow any client to get going immediately.

About DeskProto

DeskProto by Delft Spline Systems is the 3D CAM program that has made CNC milling a competitive alternative for 3D Printing by making it just as easy. The software can import 2D drawing files (DXF, EPS, AI), 3D geometry files (STL, DXF) and digital images (BMP, JPG, PNG, ...), calculate NC toolpaths and then export NC program files suited for any 3-axis or 4-axis CNC milling machine. Key feature is the ease of use: DeskProto is aimed at designers, not (as most other CAM software) at CAM specialists.

Despite its low-end price DeskProto contains many high-end features, like automatic feedrate reduction at high chiploads, collet collision check, full rotation axis support, the two-sided milling wizard, and much more (not all options are available in all editions). Current users range from hobbyists and one-person model-shops to multinational A-brand companies like Unilever, Lancôme, Sony-Ericsson and NASA.
For more information visit www.deskproto.com


The picture is available for download in two resolutions:
www.deskproto.com/images/DeskProtoLogo-Bottle-PearlGirl-LowRes.png (450x300 pixels, 24 KB).
www.deskproto.com/images/DeskProtoLogo-Bottle-PearlGirl-HighRes.png (1444x909 pixels, 319 KB).
Illustration caption: "DeskProto simulation of a part created using geometry data (the bottle), vector data (DeskProto logo) and bitmap data (the girl). For combining multiple types of CAD-data in one part an extended edition is needed."

For more information

For more information on this press release contact Lex Lennings of Delft Spline Systems
Tel +31 30 296 5957, Email info@deskproto.com

DeskProto is a registered trademark of Delft Spline Systems.