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DeskProto Launches Chinese Version of 3D CAM Software.

For immediate release, Feb 2013.

Utrecht (the Netherlands) -- Feb 6, 2013 -- Delft Spline Systems announces the release of it's DeskProto 3D CAM software in the Chinese language. The translation is made in Simplified Chinese, which is perfect for users in mainland China and can also by understood by users in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

"Learning about a new technology like CNC machining is easier in your own language." says Lex Lennings, DeskProto sales manager. "And since we address inexperienced users, a translation is important to reach clients who otherwise could not apply 3D CNC machining."

Bottle with Chinese characters
CNC machining a perfume bottle model with Chinese characters, using toolpaths created in DeskProto.

DeskProto offers "3D CNC machining for non-machinists", and now is available in seven languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The number of trial version downloads from China has been rapidly growing, and so the decision was made to add this seventh language.

In addition to the software translation also a website page in Chinese has been created, to make the download process as easy as possible. Still, in order to also get support in Chinese it will be needed to obtain DeskProto from a local reseller, like (for foot orthotic healthcare) and (for jewellers). More reseller inquiries are welcome.

A free trial version of DeskProto in Chinese is available at
Current DeskProto users can install the translated version without any extra cost.

About DeskProto

DeskProto by Delft Spline Systems is the 3D CAM program that has made CNC milling a competitive technology for Rapid Prototyping. The software can import STL files from any 3D CAD system, and can export NC program files suited for any 3/4/5-axis CNC milling machine. 2D CAM and bitmap machining are possible as well. Key feature is the ease of use: DeskProto is aimed at designers, not (as most other CAM software) at CAM specialists.
Despite its low-end price DeskProto contains many high-end features, like automatic feedrate reduction at high chiploads, collet collision check, full rotation axis support, the two-sided milling wizard, and much more (not all options are available in the Lite edition). Current users range from one-person design and model shops to multinational A-brand companies like Unilever, Lancôme, Sony-Ericsson and NASA.
DeskProto is a registered trademark of Delft Spline Systems. For more information visit


The picture is available for download in two resolutions: (400 x 275 pixels, 26 KB). (1600 x 1100 pixels, 344 KB).
Illustration caption: "CNC machining a perfume bottle model with Chinese characters, using toolpaths created in DeskProto."

For more information

For more information on this press release contact Lex Lennings of Delft Spline Systems
Tel +31 30 296 5957, Email

DeskProto is a registered trademark of Delft Spline Systems.