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DeskProto ® releases "Class-Pack" to support schools.

For immediate release, April 2010.

Utrecht (Netherlands) -- April 7, 2010
Delft Spline Systems has released a value-pack of DeskProto Lite licenses for schools, featuring 25 licenses for only € 395 ! Using the DeskProto 3D CAM software and a desktop CNC milling machine students can quickly produce real physical models of their CAD Designs.

DeskProto has been created as an extra tool for users with a different (non-CNC) profession. Like a designer needing a prototype, a jeweler needing a wax-model, a medic needing a brace. So it's main selling point is ease-of use, even for the most complex geometry. This main feature makes DeskProto very suited to be used at schools, where smart students are known to model complex geometries, however do not have the time to learn how to use a complex 3D CAM program. DeskProto's wizard interface can be used without such learning period.

two screesnhots of a fish, and a fish model being machined
Fish model, by 11-year old student.

For the youngest pupils even the Full edition of DeskProto may be too complicated and the limited Lite edition will be better suited. Like for the 10-12 year old students at Peace Lutheran College in Australia, who have reached amazing results, supported by an enthusiastic teacher.

"We could already offer schools an attractive ‘Lab License' for the Full edition of DeskProto." says Lex Lennings, DeskProto sales manager. "However, we did not yet have such offer for the Lite edition. We are happy that we now can offer schools this equally attractive ‘Class-pack' for DeskProto Lite."

The ability to create ‘real things' is a great help in getting students enthusiastic about technology. These can be simple models like a name-plate showing the student's name in 3D, or more complex like a model of the student's avatar (from a game like World of Warcraft). DeskProto also can create a 3D relief based on a photo or other bitmap picture (grey-value to z-height conversion).

DeskProto can be combined with any desktop CNC milling machine. For schools many safe machines are available, that can be operated only with it's cabinet completely closed and locked.

About DeskProto

DeskProto by Delft Spline Systems is the 3D CAM program that has made CNC milling a competitive technology for Rapid Prototyping. The software can import STL files from any 3D CAD system, and can export NC program files suited for any 3-axis or 4-axis CNC milling machine. Key feature is the ease of use: DeskProto is aimed at designers, not (as most other CAM software) at CAM specialists.

Despite its low-end price DeskProto contains many high-end features, like automatic feedrate reduction at high chiploads, collet collision check, full rotation axis support, the two-sided milling wizard, and much more (not all options are available in the Lite edition). Current users range from one-person design and model shops to multinational A-brand companies like Unilever, Lancôme, Sony-Ericsson and NASA.
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The illustration is available for download in two resolutions: (600 x 200 pixels, 32 Kb). (480 x 1100 pixels, 96 Kb).
Illustration caption: "This fish model has been created by 11-year old student Kate."

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