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Roland to show DeskProto at Baselworld Jewelry show.

For immediate release, April 2004.

Utrecht, NL -- April 13, 2004 -- Delft Spline Systems of the Netherlands is proud to announce that it's DeskProto software will be demonstrated by Roland DG at Baselworld 2004, the world leading show for watches and jewellery. DeskProto is shown combined with the Roland MDX-15 CNC milling machine with rotation axis, resulting in a lowcost Rapid Prototyping system for creating custom made wax models.

More and more jewellers use CAD technology to design custom-made pieces on their computer. However, converting these designs to wax models still is a problem as expensive software and equipment is needed. This new combination is affordable for in-house use by any jeweller !

Roland MDX-15 machine
The Roland MDX-15 and DeskProto both support rotation axis machining, needed to create ring wax-models. The compact unit shown is all that you need.

The Roland MDX-15 machine offers both 3D scanning and 3D machining in one desktop system. The MDX-15 is controlled from the PC as any Windows printer, so very easy to use. Recently an optional rotation axis has become available, making it possible to also machine rings. Wax models are created with a very smooth surface, superior to any additive rapid prototyping technology.

With the DeskProto software any jeweller can easily create the toolpaths to be sent to the MDX-15 machine. DeskProto too supports the rotation axis device, not by wrapping a flat design around a cylinder but in full 3D. The 3D ring design can be imported as STL file from any 3D CAD software, like Rhino, TechGems, Jewelcad and others. Large STL files and complex geometries can be processed easily.

"We are very happy to cooperate with Roland in serving the jewelry industry ", says Lex Lennings, DeskProto product manager. "In our view the MDX-15 with the new rotation axis option is exactly the tool that many jewellers have been waiting for: compact, lowcost and easy to use."

About the Baselworld show

Baselworld is the world leading show for watches and jewellery, to be held from April 15 - 22, 2004 in Basel/Switzerland. The attention of 80,000 people from the retail and wholesale sectors, as well as from department stores from every continent and almost 1,300 journalists will be given to the entire collections of the world’s famous watch and jewellery manufacturers. While most of the show is meant to exhibit Jewelry products, in Hall 3 (the Hall of Innovation) new manufacturing technologies are shown.
The Roland booth is in Hall 3U, stand Nr L55.
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About DeskProto

DeskProto by Delft Spline Systems is the 3D CAM program that has made CNC milling a competing technology for Rapid Prototyping. The software can import STL files from any 3D CAD system, and can export NC program files suited for any 3-axis CNC milling machine. Key features are low price, high speed and ease of use (the software is aimed at designers, not at CAM specialists).
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About Roland DG

Roland DG Corp from Japan serves both the printing and sign making industry with large format color printers/cutters, and the 3D modeling industry with engravers and 3D scanning and milling machines. Main focus for the 3D milling machines is Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP). Exhibiting in Basel will be Roland's European joint venture located in Belgium.
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DeskProto is a registered trademark of Delft Spline Systems.