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Vector: instruction videos about vector machining.

The Vector videos will teach you how to use DeskProto for Vector machining: calculating toolpaths based on curves in a 2D drawing. They will show the user interface, how to import a drawing, orientate it, calculate toolpaths and save these in an NC program file. Also the important concept of roughing and finishing will be explained.

You can also find basic information about vector machining in Lessons 1 and 7 of the printed or PDF DeskProto Tutorial.

1. Xmas tree postcard tutorial video

This video introduces the basic concepts of DeskProto: load a vector drawing, orientate and scale it and calculate toolpaths   (DP V7, 12 min).

This video gives a sneak preview of 2D CAM in DeskProto V7. A Preview, as is was made in Dec 2017, when beta testing had just started. It features machining a Christmas postcard: wishing you all a very happy Christmas !
  • A Vector project is started and a DXF drawing is loaded
  • First Profiling toolpaths with support tabs are generated for the outline of the trees
  • Next Pocketing toolpaths for the text.
  • All is done using the dialog-based user interface of DeskProto.
  • And finally the machine is shown and the resulting postcard tree.
DeskProto always has been very strong in 3D CAM, even for the most complex freeform geometries. However, until Version 7 2D CAM had been neglected in DeskProto: only very limited 2D options were available. DeskProto Version 7.0 has changed that and offers real CAM for 2D, for 3D and for Bitmap reliefs. Three CAM programs for the price of one :-)

This video applies to all editions of DeskProto (Free, Entry, Expert and Multi-Axis).
Note though that in the Free Edition only the outline of the tree can be machined (Profiling), not the text. For the text Pocketing toolpaths are needed, that are not present in the Free edition.

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2. Beer tray tutorial video, using the Vector wizard

This video shows the easiest way to use the DeskProto Free edition: use the Vector wizard to load a vector drawing and calculate toolpaths   (DP V7, 9.5 min).

This beer tray video shows Lesson 1A of the DeskProto Tutorial book: 2D machining of a beer tray, using the Vector wizard. The beer tray drawing is one of the samples that is installed by the DeskProto Setup, the video shows how to import such drawing in DeskProto, calculate toolpaths and machine the part.

The complete process that is shown can be done using the Free Edition of DeskProto, so without any payment. And instead of the beer tray drawing you can of course also load your own drawing file (DXF, EPS or AI) and create toolpaths for your own design.

The text on the beer tray is ignored in this video as it is meant to show basic 2D machining. Information about machining the text can be found in the Tutorial book, in lesson 1B.

Subtitles are available and can be switched on, in English and in Dutch.