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Tutorial Videos on various CNC subjects

Tutorial videos on various subjects; so far the following videos are available:

1. Avatar milling

Machine a real model of your avatar: the creation of this great ORC model shows you how. Video created by Bruno Lagrange (Omni-Moulage, France)   (DP V5, 10 min)

The Orc milling tutorial video teaches you how to machine an action figure from two sides. For the video a purchased geometry file has been used: you are of course free to use your own avatar's geometry.
This video does apply to both DeskProto Expert and Multi-Axis. In the Entry edition not all required settings are available.

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2. Five-axis machining

Scale model of an Austin Healey 'frogeye' classic sportscar being machined in wood: DeskProto five-axis machining in action ! Video created by Robert Zeinecker (Germany)   (DP V6, 2:47 min)

The Austin Healey video shows you how DeskProto can be used for five-axis machining. More information on this project can be found on the Gallery page Austin Healey car model.
The video applies only to the DeskProto Multi-Axis edition.

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3. Geographic reliefs

Creating a geographic relief model. The complete process is shown, including data download, for this San Francisco relief model   (DP V6, 14 min)

The San Francisco relief model video shows you how you can create geographic relief models with DeskProto. All steps in the process are shown:
- obtain free digital elevation data
- convert that to a standard bitmap file
- create a relief by converting grey values to Z-heights
- machine a relief model using DeskProto.
The nice thing is that you can do this for any part of the USA.
More information, including download links for software and for other parts of the world, on the Gallery page San Fancisco relief model.