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Videos on how to CNC machine a 3D part

Bottle: basic DeskProto instruction videos for 3D CAM

The Bottle videos give you basic information on how to use DeskProto: the user interface, how to import a geometry, orientate it, calculate toolpaths and save these in an NC program file. Also the important concept of roughing and finishing is explained.
They are called Bottle videos as the sample geometry used is the Perfume bottle shown below.
You can also find basic information on how to use DeskProto in Lessons 1 and 2 of the printed DeskProto Tutorial.

1. Bottle geometry

rendering of a perfume bottle
This perfume bottle is a nice sample geometry. You can machine a model either by making two separate halves, by machining from two sides or by rotation axis machining.

Only the outside geometry of the bottle has been modeled: it is a massive (solid) bottle. It has been exported as one STL file, containing both the bottle and the separate cap.
The geometry is a free download: it is included in every DeskProto installer, that you can download free of charge.

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2. Roughing and Finishing tutorial video (DP V5)

This video explains about Roughing and Finishing, and tells how to achieve that in DeskProto   (DP V5, 11 min)

The Roughing and Finishing tutorial video explains the concept of roughing and then finishing, tells about the advantages and finally explains how to create a DeskProto project with a Roughing operation and a Finishing operation. The video may be old (DeskProto V5), its content still is valid.

This video also applies to all paid editions of DeskProto (Entry, Expert and Multi-Axis), though a smoothing contour is not possible in the Entry edition. The option to Skip the Ambient area is not present in the Entry edition either.The Free edition misses the Roughing option.

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3. DeskProto Basics tutorial video (DP V5) - old

This video introduces the basic concepts of DeskProto: load a geometry, orientate it and calculate toolpaths. The Bottle STL file is present in any DeskProto edition   (DP V5, 11 min)

The DeskProto basics tutorial video gives you an introduction to the DeskProto user interface, and shows the steps needed to import a geometry, orientate it, calculate toolpaths and save these in an NC program file.

This video applies to all paid editions of DeskProto (Entry, Expert and Multi-Axis).
Note though that in the Entry Edition no Segment option is present: instead the option Bottom level should be used.

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4. Bottle milling process video - old

Machining a simple model: one half of the perfume bottle (low res)   (1 min 17 sec)

The bottle video shows the process of milling a simple part (a perfume bottle). The video already is quite old (shot in April 2000), however as the basic steps for simple milling have not changed it still is correct.

The six steps that are shown are:
  • The model material (tooling board) being fixed on a slab of board.
  • The material being fixed on the table of the milling machine.
  • Setting the workpiece zero point (telling the machine where to find the block).
  • The start of the milling process.
  • The end of the milling process, you can also hear the machine running.
  • The milled bottle half being attached to a second half, resulting in a complete model.