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Denford desktop cnc - USBCNC post proc question
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20:25 CEST

First off, thank you for accepting me as a new user. My name is Brian Anderson from the great state of Michigan!
I bought DeskProto for my scale modeling hobby to cut automotive parts for a 1/8 scale Nova Pro Mod drag race car I will be building for the next 5 years guestimating.

I have the Denford desktop cnc machine, it says 2000 on the front of the enclosure but the machine is Sherline inside. So I picked this as my machine when I set up the software. It appears it just for the material size only maybe?
Anyways my main question is when I go to output the G-Code so I can try and run the cutter paths, which post processor to try and use. So here is the deal the machine I bought was updated to USBCNC I think it's called, I didn't see that as an option for post processor. Any help as to which one I could try would greatly be appreciated.

12:16 CEST
Hi Brian,

The machine definition indeed is not very complicated: it sets the dimensions, the speeds and defines if a 4th and/or 5th axis is present. However, it also sets the postprocessor that is used, and that needs to be correct.

Here the name Sherline does not tell me much, as Sherline parts are used by many machine builders. The control software that is used needs to match the postprocessor. You mention USBCNC, however that name is used by several suppliers. Can you tell more more about this program, for instance what the program's About box tells you ?


08:08 CEST

Motion Controller

10:02 CEST
Hi Brian,

Then the answer is an easy one: in the list of postprocessors you can find two PlanetCNC postprocessors. Select one in your machine-definition and it should work.


12:11 CEST
ok thank you. Originally I looked for USBCNC and didn't see that in alphabetical order, I didn't even look for PlanetCNC, thank you!