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Import deskproto work to Powermill
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18:35 CEST
Hi, Is there a way to partway set up a 3d model in material stock in deskproto and import to powermill before I finish. Because at university the cnc operator insists on controlling the tools etc, but he does not like to use obj. or stl. files.

Hope you understand, I'm a newbie and not sure of correct terms.

14:19 CEST
Hi Zymon,

This will be the same issue as mentioned in an email that I replied to. Still, for other forum visitors the reply will be repeated here.

DeskProto stores all project settings in a DPJ file, and that file cannot be opened by Powermill. What you can do is make a few DeskProto screenshots of the required setup and give these to the operator: such images are easier to understand then an explanation in just words.
In addition: perhaps Powermill will be able to import the G-code files (toolpath data) written by DeskProto.