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Switch rotating axis from X to Y
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11:03 CEST

I'm using the program wizard to create the cutting file for something we like to cut out of a round bar using the 4th axis on our BZT1205.

The 4th axis (A) centerline is situated over our machine's Y axis.
The wizard orientates the object with it's rotary axis over the machine's X-axis.

How do we change this?

11:31 CEST
My apologies, I just found the post where it explains that I can tick a box in the advanced menu to switch over to the Y-axis. I will try this now :-)

12:36 CEST
Hi Rud1e,

Normally this is indeed the advised solution, the Help button will provide information about how this works.

However, just this week we found that for a BZT machine this is not a good solution. BZT uses the EdingCNC control software, and Eding informed us that their software does not support a rotation axis parallel to Y:
- the drawing of the toolpaths is not correct
- the rotation speed calculations are not correct.

The advised solution is to switch X and Y on the machine, in the EdingCNC Setup page (use Port1 for Y and Port2 for X). BZT knows how this is done.
Then in DeskProto this checkbox "Machine with 4th axis parallel to Y" is not needed.


10:26 CEST
Hi Rud 1e,
Hi Lex
This is the same problem we have with a machine from BZT
We installed a rotating axis 2 mtr long and we can't use it like we used on our old machine with contoler from our selves


09:31 CEST
Hi Kees,

I have been told that for some machines more changes will be needed in the file cnc.ini As said: BZT will be able to support you to solve this issue.