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overlapping toolpathes
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15:59 CEST
With an operation on the 4th axis,
with some combinations of AREA values,
I get the warning that my area spans more then 360° while it does not.
I am guessing floating point rounding errors.

Example: Amin=180.70 Amax=540.7 = 360.0°
Amax=540.69° is accepted by Deskproto 7 (Revision 7898).

Also I'm not sure why this is an error and not a warning that can be ignored.
It doesn't hurt to machine the 0/360° twice and would reduce the visible line there in finishing passes because the chipload changes and the cutter decelerates, changes direction and acelerates in exactly the same position every time. Thus leaving a minute mark in the surface finishing.

14:24 CEST
Hi Marcus,

We have been able to reproduce the error that you describe.
It is strange: and area with A from 180 to 540 was OK, from 185 to 545 too, from 185.5 to 545.5 too.
However, 185.7 to 545.7 resulted in this error:
DeskProto - Operation Parameter Error
The area cannot cover more than 360 degrees, otherwise the toolpaths will overlap.

And indeed it seems logical to make this warning instead of an error.

I will put this on our to-do list.
Thanks for detecting and for reporting the issue !


16:12 CEST

This bug has been fixed in the October 2018 bugfix release :-)