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Aligning Geometry against left or right side
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22:35 CEST
I am setting up a new cut.

In my setup I am using a jaw on the rotary axis which is smaller than my blanks are round. my solution for this is to attach a block to the blank, which then goes in the jawsx. you can see this in the picture at https://flic.kr/p/27PsCav.

Becuase I already have what is essentially a support block on the left hand side of the material block, I do not wish a support on t hat side, and wish to mill right against the zero point.

When I set the geometrty, it DP automatically centres the geometry and suggests support blocks. The photo at https://flic.kr/p/27PtHft shows a screenshot of the geometry placement, centred.

What I want is to have no support block on the left side, and have all the free space taken by the support block on the right hand side. I cannot figure out how to configure this. I can find no setting to move the default position to the left. Does this exist, and if so, how do I configure it in the settings?



11:39 CEST
Hi Malcolm,

In your screenshot I can see that you already managed to remove the support tab on the left side (Part parameters, tab Support).
What now needs to be done is change the block of material (drawn in orange) and the position of the zero point. You can change the material-block via Part parameters, tab Material (in V6.1 this tab is called Segment). Change the value for minimum X, or use the button to do this graphically.
The zero point normally will remain on the edge of the block (so move along), as the default translation setting for X is "To positive X for material block".

Success! Lex.

01:42 CEST
That indeed worked. thank you!

21:20 CEST

sorry. I am very confused again.
you can see in the attached screen shot the left side of the model starts at 8.18. I want it to start at 0.

is there no option to set the boundaries of the current part to 0?
it is greyed out as you can see in the screen shot and I can find no place to change that...

It gives me an option to move the material block to 8.18. but not to pull the model to 0.
how do I move the left hand side of the model to zero?
are you saying:
- I set the edge of the material in deskproto to 8.18
- physically in the real world move the cutter to the edge of the material
- in Mach3 call that cutter position 8.18, so the physical setup lines up with the model, and not 0?

09:48 CEST
Hi Malcolm,

What you are talking about is the position on the zero point, and that is defined on the tab "Zero point".

In your project it will have the default setting, which is "To positive X&Y for material block", so the X=0 will automatically be set at the left edge of the block.
So when you change the Minimum X of the material block to 8.18 that new left edge will automatically become X=0.

An alternative solution is to make DeskProto reset the material block, by clicking "Use all CAD data" or "Use whole geometry". Then again select "Custom", and again enter your desired Maximum Z value.

I hope that I have been able to make it clear what happens.


21:27 CEST
I think I get confused because I try to use the wizard and it seems to be made to assume that the material is sized to the model. when you size the model incorrectly for the material and have to go backwards it can get into a loop where it keeps error-ing on the size of the model and block and it becomes easier just to start over.
is it possible to get a wizard where you set the material first, then the model and auto size the model into the material? That would be a treat...

09:19 CEST
Hi Malcolm,

Your process indeed differs from the one we had in mind when designing DeskProto: we assume that a part of a specific size is needed and a material block is used to match that size, you start with the material that you have and want a part that matches the block size.

Adding a new wizard is not something that can be done easily. We will anyway add it to the list of improvement ideas that users have suggested, and see if many others have the same wish.