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13:17 CEST
Did anyone try Deskproto with Puremotion yet?
I only looked through the russian manual yet but the g-code differences to Mach3 are very few.

They have a promotion and since I use an ethernet based Purelogic controller board I get a STANDARD license for free.
Contrary to MACH3 it seems to handle mm/s feedrates on movements that include a rotary axis. I'd like to give that a try.

13:39 CEST
... I got an english installation manual and it doesn't seem to ask where in XYZ the A axis is. So the sales representative may have misunderstood my question or the answer of the technicians.

07:44 CEST
Ok, it only does the "assumed diameter" thing that MACH3 already does and even that only in the PRO version.
I'll not give it a try and stick with MACH3 and the inverse time Deskproto now offers.

09:29 CEST
That should work fine: so far we received mostly positive comments on this new feature. Happy that we managed to add it :-)

11:00 CEST
Hello Marcus, Lex,
I also orderd the Russian Hardware, thesoftware is lifetime free ( at this moment! )
We also want to start in august with the puremotion software till this moment we always used the winnpcnc (profesional) , PCdreh or the CS-Lab hardware.
Now we want to investigate, what the best solution is for us as team.
We have several students who can try a lot with this software
We are aspecial interested in the 4th drive and huge demensions.
Then we also have to make a decision for hard- and software for the lathe.