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modified "Linear" strategy for materials
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17:12 CEST
The forum software said "Failed to post thread." and my thread apeared but with no content.

Here is the content I wanted to post:
I'm doing finishing passes with a very small toolpath-distance
in materials that easily melt if you machine the same spot for too long a time.

e.g. the desired outcome is a "Parallel" or "Crosswise" strategy with a "distance between toolpathes" of d/16.

I'm thinking of writing a small program that takes a Deskproto
project file with a D/4 strategy and copies that strategy with a different Y minimim point.
Effectively doing a D/4 pass with an offset of



a) it passes over the same point only 4 times and then that point has time to cool down while the remainder of the material is being machines.
b) the surface quality increases incrementally. This strategy can be stopped at any time when the machinist says that the desired quality is achieved
c) If the operatre does a finishing at e.g. D/8 and then sees that the surface qualiity is not yet goot enough. It allows to do another (e.g. D/16) finishing pass that does not do cut the same pathes that the earlier D/8 one but only the additional ones.

Having such a strategy inside Deskproto would be a great improvement but until then I'm trying to do this by modifying the project file with a small script. (because I don't want to copy&paste a strategy by hand quite that often . Nor adjust all of them when I want to make a change to the "master" pass.)

10:12 CEST

Hi Marcus,

I do not know why the first two posts went wrong, perhaps a time-out issue...?

It took me some time to understand what you meant: does the image above correctly visualize this suggestion ?
I will add it to our idea's list, no idea though if there will be many users who would benefit from such addition.

In the mean time this effect could be achieved by combining several operations with identical settings, only a very small change in the Y-min of the area to be machined (sub-segment) for each operation.


17:30 CEST
Yes, that's the idea.

I'll try to write a program to do modify project-files to insert these copy&pasted operations with the changed Y-Min.
No need to do that manually in the UI. ;)

20:20 CEST

I wrote a first version of my small java program to modify Deskproto project files to implement this strategy. tree/master/DeskProtoOperationReplicator/src/biz/wolschon/cnc/deskproto

19:05 CEST
I added a to the guithub project, explaining what it does.

11:33 CET
I had a look at the scripting and wizards and I think I can re-implement this as a script or modify a copy of an existing wizard to output these operations.

13:12 CET
Hi Marcus,

That is indeed a good option, making it available as easy-to-use feature.
Be aware that scripting has changed in DeskProto V7. So in case you want to work in a new wizard you can best do this for V7, otherwise the result will soon be obsolete.
I can email you the V7 scripting documentation if you like.