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4th axis aligned with Y axis
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08:38 CEST

I am wondering how to set up my rotary (A axis) to align with the Y axis As the construction photo shows it is not a little add-on to be tacked on the end. It's capacity is 1200mm X 3200mm.

09:20 CEST
Hi David,

Nice large machine you have !
It will allow you to machine quite large sculptures using the rotation axis.

Indeed DeskProto assumes that the rotation axis is parallel to X (so an A-axis). Calculations for your axis parallel toY (B-axis) are not possible.
Still you can trick DeskProto into supporting your machine, by switching X and Y in the postprocessor:

First find out which postprocessor your machine uses:
- Options menu
- Library of machines (OK on warning)
- select your machine and press edit
Remember the name of the postprocessor for this machine.

Now edit this postprocessor:
- Options menu
- Library of postprocessors (OK on warning)
- select your postprocessor and press edit.
- open tab page Movement
In Column X the field Start command will contain an X: make that a Y
In Column Y the field Start command will contain an Y: make that a X
Now you have changed X and Y
In addition you can also change the "Order" from XYZA to YXZA

As a result the rotation axis toolpaths will be OK for a rotation axis parallel to Y.

Do only use this postprocessor for rotation axis machining.
So in fact you can best make a copy of the postprocessor and add these changes there. Also make a copy of the machine definition and connect that to the new postprocessor: now you will have two machines that you can select.

Hope that the above is a bit clear.


Please show us some nice pictures of this machine while working with the rotation axis....

09:00 CEST
A question has come in by email, about how to make DeskProto apply the changes described above. Indeed a bit more explanation is needed here.

In DeskProto you cannot select a postprocessor for the toolpath generation. What you do is select a machine (in the Part parameters). The postprocessor is one of the settings in the machine-definition (Options > Library of machines).

So when you edit a postprocessor as described above, you need to make sure that it is indeed used for the machine that you have selected.

Important is that this changed postprocessor is no longer correct for normal XYZ work. So it is best to create two separate postprocessors: one for rotation axis work and one for plain XYZ work. Create the second postprocessor via the Copy command in the postprocessor library.

You then also need to create two machines (in the machine library). In the definition of the first machine you select the one postprocessor, and in the second machine definition the other.

After that for each new project you can select the machine that you need.


12:53 CEST
Hi all,

This issue has been solved in DeskProto V7 !
now in the machine definition an extra option is present: "Machine with 4th axis parallel to Y" (Advanced settings). For more information check the Help page for that dialog.


11:12 CEST
Hi Lex,
Thanks for this changement in V7 .
We will test this on juli 28
We can do it on 2 machines
We will respond

21:08 CET