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SUPPORT: tutorial videos

Videos on using CAM, CNC, DeskProto

Instruction videos for using DeskProto.

The DeskProto videos are grouped by subject. Clicking on any of the groups shown below will bring you to the video page for that subject. On each page you can find a few videos, and also a free download of the STL file used in the videos, in order to run the process and create your own model !

You can find Tutorial videos, videos that show the machining process, and also pictures of resulting models in various sizes and materials. Do email us a photo of the model that you created so we can add that to the list of results (in case you want that: with a link to your website).
Do not forget to switch on your sound before starting.

Bottle videos   (basic tutorials and information):
to DeskProto
Rough and Fin
and finishing
Milling half a
bottle model
Flash slides
Flash demo slideshow

The Bottle videos give you basic information on how to use DeskProto: the user interface, how to import a geometry, orientate it, calculate toolpaths and save these in an NC program file. Also the important concept of roughing and finishing is explained.
Basic DeskProto use: a model that can be machined from one side, or like the bottle can be machined in two halves to be glued together later.

Picture Frame videos   (basic tutorials and information):
Basic 3D wizard use.
Basic 3D wizard:
one-sided milling
Two sides wizard use.
2 sides wizard:
two-sided milling

The Picture Frame videos will teach you how to machine a nice picture frame, using the free STL file that comes with every DeskProto. As this is a very good way to learn using DeskProto, this same sample geometry is also used in Lesson 1 of the DeskProto Tutorial book.
The video that shows machining from one side is available now, the video about two-sided machining will follow soon.

Venus videos   (rotation axis machining):
Rotation tutorial
Rotation axis milling tutorial
Rotation machining
Rotation axis machining shown

The Venus videos are about rotation axis machining. A rotation axis is a "barbecue type" fourth axis, that makes the model rotate during machining. The STL file used is the head of Venus de Milo, and this STL file is a very popular (free) geometry download.

Coat of Arms videos   (3D + 2D + bitmap):
coa part 1
COA tutorial part 1
coa part 2
COA tutorial part 2
coa relief machining
COA machining shown in wood

The Coat-Of-Arms relief videos show you how to create complex relief geometry (a beautiful Coat of Arms). The geometry of this relief is a free download as well: the most popular STL download on the DeskProto website.

Lithophane videos   (bitmap machining to create a lithophane):
Lithophane, flat
Creating a flat lithophane
Lithophane, pipe
Creating a pipe lithophane

The Lithophane videos tell you all you need to know to machine your own lithophanes. A special DeskProto application, producing amazing results while still very easy to machine.

Jewelry videos   (creating jewelry wax models):
Tutorial ring machining
Two sides plus rotary tutorial
123WaxRing video
The 123WaxRing promotion video
JWX30 wizard video
Wizard for the Roland JWX30
Magic-7 basic ring video
Wax ring milling
on a Red Magic-7

Jewelry is an important DeskProto application, and the Jewelry videos will teach you how to create toolpaths for creating jewelry wax models.

Various videos:
Tutorial onmachining an avatar
Machining your own avatar model
Five-axis machining
5-axis machining
an Austin Healey
geographic relief model
Geographic relief models

Of course many more applications for DeskProto can be found, we have videos on Various videos for a few more. For other applications you can also visit the Gallery.