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DeskProto Expert: all options for 3-axis jobs.

Offers a wealth of options for CNC machining.

In the Expert edition all DeskProto options are available except for the rotation axes. The result is a CAM program that allows you to produce even the most complicated models.
A few of the features that the Expert Edition offers you:
  • Two different user-interfaces: the wizards to get you started, and the dialogs to exploit all options
  • Extremely fast calculations, also for complex geometries
  • Large STL files are possible: 500 MB is no problem, for the 64 bits version even several GB
  • 3D machining, simple 2D machining and bitmap machining all in one program
  • The ability to freely add cutters, machines and postprocessors
  • A very intuitive user-interface.
DeskProto Expert offers all these options (more are listed below) for a price of just   € 595.00

Banner advertisement for DP
Banner advertisement for DeskProto, featuring a locomotive scale model.

DeskProto Expert applications

The DeskProto Expert Edition is meant for professional users whose profession is not CNC machining. Like designers and model makers needing a prototype, artists for a sculpture, medics for a brace, etc.

DeskProto can be combined with any 3D CAD program, and with any CNC milling machine.
Using DeskProto you can create a model in many ways:

insole picture
Simply machine your part from one side.
For instance this insole, a relief model, a thermoforming mold.
Note that the pictures on the left are links to Gallery projects.
hand tool picture
Machine two separate halves of a model, each from one side, later to be glued together. Like the right and left half of this hand-tool.
fish sculpture picture
Machine the model from two sides, either using a rotation axis for the 180 degree flip or doing a manual flip. For either case DeskProto provides a wizard to assist.
guitar neck picture
2D toolpaths can be combined with 3D machining, be projected on a 3D geometry, and also wrapped around an object when rotation axis machining.
toolpaths for Radetzky bitmap
When Bitmap machining DeskProto will convert each Z-value in the bitmap to a Z-height in the relief. This means that you can machine any photo! The relief can also be projected on or wrapped around a 3D geometry.

Functionality in DeskProto Expert

The DeskProto Expert Edition includes all functions shown for the Entry Edition.
In addition the following extra functions are available:
  • Limit the area to be machined using a (freeform) segment
  • Dynamic feed rate control: automatically reduce for high chip-loads. Also called the "Bit Saver feature"
  • Many machining strategies available (see below)
  • Inverse milling: machine a cavity that fits the geometry in the STL file
  • Add support blocks, needed when machining from several sides or with a rotation axis
  • Meander/climb/conventional, Ambient skipping, Collet collision check, ...
  • For 2D machining you can project the 2D contour on the 3D geometry
  • For Bitmap machining you can project the bitmap relief on the 3D geometry
The above list only shows the most important features. For a more complete list the comparison table that compares the three editions of DeskProto.

DeskProto Expert offers a large number of Milling Strategies for the toolpaths: see the illustrations below.

Available Milling Strategies in the DeskProto Expert Edition:
parallel toolpaths
parallel toolpaths
parallel toolpaths
Parallel to X   ,   Parallel to Y   ,   Parallel to X, angled
crosswise toolpaths
crosswise toolpaths
Crosswise   ,   Crosswise, angled
crosswise toolpaths
crosswise toolpaths
Block   ,   Block, angled
circular toolpaths
circular toolpaths
Circular   ,   Circular with corners
spiral toolpaths
radial toolpaths
Spiral   ,   Radial
waterline toolpaths
contour toolpaths
offset toolpaths
Waterlines (constant Z)   ,   Contour only (smoothing contour)   ,   Offset (contour-parallel)

Purchasing a DeskProto License

The distribution of DeskProto (all editions) is completely Internet based: all items needed are available via the website or by email. When purchasing a license (via our webshop or via a reseller) the user receives an registration code by email.

The software can be downloaded from the website. This is a free 30 days trial version: you can use your registration code to remove the 30 days time-protection. Manuals can be downloaded from the website as well (as PDF files). Also see the Tutorial video's.