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PRODUCTS: Expert Edition

DeskProto Expert Edition: all options for 3-axis machining.

The Expert Edition offers a wealth of options for CNC machining.

In the Expert edition all DeskProto options are available except for the rotation axes. The result is a CAM program that allows you to produce even the most complicated models.
A few of the features that the Expert Edition offers you:
Two different user-interfaces: the wizards to get you started, and the dialogs to exploit all options
Extremely fast calculations, also for complex geometries
Large STL files are possible: 500 MB is no problem, for the 64 bits version even up to several GB
3D machining, simple 2D machining and bitmap machining all in one program
The ability to freely add cutters, machines and postprocessors
A very intuitive user-interface.

DeskProto Expert offers all these options (more are listed below) for a price of just  € 595.00

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featuring a locomotive scale model.

DeskProto Expert applications

The DeskProto Expert Edition is meant for professional users who's profession is not CNC machining. Like designers and modelmakers needing a prototype, artists for a sculpture, medics for a brace, etc.

DeskProto can be combined with any 3D CAD program, and with any CNC milling machine.
Using DeskProto you can create a model in many ways:

insole picture
Simply machining it from one side.
For instance this insole, a relief model, a thermoforming mold.
Note that the pictures left are links to Gallery projects.
heatgun picture
Machining two separate halves of a model, each from one side, later to be glued together. Like the right and left half of this hand-tool.
fish sculpture picture
Machining the model from two sides, either using a rotation axis for the 180 degree flip or doing a manual flip. For either case DeskProto provides a wizard to assist you.
guitar neck picture
2D toolpaths can be combined with 3D machining, be projected on a 3D geometry, and also wrapped around an object when rotation axis machining.
toolpaths for Radetzky bitmap
When Bitmap machining DeskProto will convert each Z-value in the bitmap to a Z-height in the relief. This means that you can machine any photo! The relief can also be projected on or wrapped around a 3D geometry.

Functionality in DeskProto Expert

The following settings are available in the DeskProto Expert Edition:
Roughing and Finishing operations, the roughing options: skin thickness and layer height
Limit the area to be machined using a (freeform) segment
Dynamic feedrate control: automatically reduce for high chip-loads. Also called "Bit Saver feature"
Many machining strategies available (see below)
Inverse milling: machine a cavity that fits the geometry in the STL file
Add support blocks, needed when machining from several sides or with a rotation axis
Meander/climb/conventional, Ambient skipping, Collet collision check, ...
Simple 2D machining, and you can also project the 2D contour on the 3D geometry
Bitmap machining (grey-value to Z-Height), also project the bitmap relief on the 3D geometry
Choose a user-interface: wizard or dialog-based,
or create a project with the wizard and then fine-tune using the dialogs.
Freely add machine-definitions
Configure your own postprocessor (if needed).

The above list only shows the most important features. For a more complete list the comparison table that compares the three editions of DeskProto.

DeskProto Expert offers a large number of Milling Strategies for the toolpaths: see the illustrations below.

Available Milling Strategies in the DeskProto Expert Edition:
img img img
Parallel to X
Parallel to Y
Parallel to X, angled
img img img
Crosswise, angled
img img img
Block, angled
img img img
Circular with corners
img img img
Waterlines (constant Z)
Contour only (smoothing contour)

Purchasing a DeskProto License

The distribution of DeskProto (all editions) is completely Internet based: all items needed are available via the website or by email. When purchasing a license (via our webshop or via a reseller) the user receives an registration code by email.

The software can be downloaded from the website. This is a free 30 days trial version: you can use your registration code to remove the 30 days time-protection. Manuals can be downloaded from the website as well (as PDF files). Also see the Tutorial video's.