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123WaxRing, for jewelry wax ring models.

123WaxRing has been discontinued

The 123WaxRing kit and the Sets of additional wax disks are no longer available.
Manufacturing cost for these high-tolerance parts (especially the wax blocks) simply were too high. Sorry about that. The good news is that two resellers are planning to release 123WaxRing-compatible products; inquiries via their websites:

A revolutionary new approach, making it really easy to create jewelry wax models.

So far the creation of jewelry wax models on a CNC milling machine has been more complex than on a 3D wax printer. For milling it was needed to mount the correct fixtures, create a wax-block of the correct size, mount the correct cutters, set the workpiece zero points and so on.

We proudly present the revolutionary new 123WaxRing system (patented) that eliminates most of these steps. Three times you need to fasten one screw, that's all.

Promotion video for the 123WaxRing system   (4.5 min)

1. How does it work

The 123WaxRing system is a combination of the 123WaxRing Wizard in the DeskProto CAM software and the 123WaxRing Fixture for your milling machine.

The 123WaxRing fixture offers two clamping planes, with two positioning pins each. Pre-shaped wax disks are available that exactly fit these pins, they can be clamped onto the fixture using one screw. The ring model is then machined from three sides: side 1 and 2 lying flat on the horizontal clamping surface, side 3 (rotation axis machining) on the vertical clamping surface. This is a very easy process with very accurate results.
The 123WaxRing wizard prepares the toolpaths for this milling process: a sequence of just eleven dialog screens that allows you to select the geometry file, orientate it, choose which wax block to use, choose supports and precision, decide if roughing is needed, calculate the toolpaths and send them to the machine.
Watch the short movie above, which shows you the complete process.

The system accepts jewelry designs from any 3D CAD system, for instance Rhino, Jewelcad, Matrix, 3Design. Toolpaths also can be generated for any CNC milling machine. The fixture has been made to fit the Roland Jewela machine (JWX-10), however with an Adapter many other machines can be used as well (rotation axis needed).
Note: the fixture works well with the Roland MDX-40, however on the new MDX-40A the rotation axis is too far to the left, positioning the fixture partially outside the machine's working area.

123WaxRinging fixture on Roland machine
The pre-shaped waxdisks
Fixture on the Roland JWX-10
The pre-shaped wax disks

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2. Advantages of CNC machining a jewelry wax model over 3D printing one

Ring design in Rhino (line drawing)
Ring desing in Rhino (shaded drawing)
Ring design in Rhino by Atelier de Bruijn: line drawing and computer rendering (shaded image)

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Advantages of the 123WaxRing system

Toolpaths for side 1
number one
Side 1 being machined
Step 1: XYZ milling with circular toolpaths

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Advantages of the 123WaxRing wizard over other programs

Toolpaths for side 2
number two
Side 2 being machined
Step 2: XYZ milling the 2nd side

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Advantages of the 123WaxRing fixture over other fixtures

Toolpaths for side 3
number three
Side 3 being machined
Step 3: Rotation axis machining

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3. Limitations and their workarounds

Resulting wax model
Resulting ring, white gold
The resulting ring: white gold with 32 small diamonds. Courtesy of Atelier de Bruijn in Hulst (NL)

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4. The Sherline-to-Roland Adapter

The 123WaxRing fixture has been designed to fit a Roland JWX-10 machine. Many jewelers will however work with a CNC machine from a different make.
A widely used rotation table is the one made by Sherline Products, as this hardware is used by many American machine manufacturers. For this Sherline rotary we can offer a special adapter: the Sherline-to-Roland adapter, see the illustrations below. Left a threaded end with centering collar to be screwed into the Sherline table, right exactly the same countersunk mounting surface as on the Roland rotary axis. So this adapter can be used for any Roland-based fixturing system.
On many other machines the 123WaxRing fixture can be clamped directly in the three-jaw or four-jaw chuck. If needed use the adapter just mentioned to create more distance. Note that an accurate centering and alignment is very important!

Rotary table made by Sherline
Sherline-to-Roland adapter
The Sherline rotary table
The two parts on the left are adapters

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5. Availability and prices

The 123WaxRing system needs to be used with the software DeskProto V 5 Full or DeskProto V 6 Multi-Axis. The 123Wax wizards are standard available in both programs. 123WaxRing is an optional extra to the DeskProto software because most DeskProto users will not need it: it is useful only for jewelers.

The hardware was delivered as a complete set, the 123WaxRing kit:
which allows you to start immediately. This kit was priced EUR 295.00   [no longer available ! ]
(end-user price, excl shipment and VAT).
The Adapter for Sherline machines was available for EUR 48.00   [no longer available ! ]
Additional wax disks were available as well, in sets of 16 assorted disks.
Such set was priced EUR 48.00   [no longer available ! ]   As the documentation shows the specifications of the disks you are free to create your own disks if you prefer that.

Two resellers are planning to release 123WaxRing-compatible products: see the top of this page.

We do not offer extra cutters: these are available at and buying them via us only would make them more expensive. The cutter in the 123WaxRing kit is a Bits&Bits "profile tool", type 815-PR20.004 (diam 1/8", length 1.5", included angle 20 degr, tip diam 0.004").

123WaxRing wizard page 2
123WaxRing wizard page 4
Two of the 11 wizard pages

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6. Resources

Download the A4-sized 123WaxRing flyer (full-color): (leaflet-123waxring-web.pdf / 600Kb)

For more in-depth information on how the system works you are free to read the
123WaxRing user documentation (PDF, 0.6 Mb)
This document shows Features, Setup, Model creation and Specifications.

The documentation mentions a DeskProto project that you can use for calibrating the zero-point. You can download this project as (8KB).

The documentation also contains drawings of the wax blocks: you are perfectly free to create your own blocks instead of buying them. You can read more about this in a DP project to create a wax disk.

Toolpaths by the 123WaxModel wizard
Side one of a horse charm in wax
Two-sided milling of a charm, on the same 123WaxRing fixture

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7. The 123WaxModel wizard

The 123Waxring Fixture can also be used for charms, pendants, brooches and other non-ring jewelry. For that aim different wax blocks are needed: with the reference holes at one side of the block instead of in the middle.
Also for these wax models a wizard has been created: the 123WaxModel wizard. Note though that these models are machined from only two sides as that is sufficient.