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Direct Orders

1. Click one of the links below to load the order form
2. Print out this complete order form
3. Complete it
4. Either Fax the signed form to +31 30 296 2292
Scan it and email the resulting JPG file(s) to

Email orders without scanned file will not be accepted: the Credit card companies oblige us to have a signature for each sale. Do only send complete (including license agreement) and signed order forms.

Payment can be done by Credit Card: both MasterCard and VISA are accepted.
For other types of payment please email first: PayPal, Prepayment (by check or wire transfer) or Cash-on-delivery (Dutch customers only).

Shipment will be done by Fedex or DPD courier service. For prices see the order form.
(please contact us for standard post - available for some countries only).
Shipment cost do NOT apply to Lite and V4.2 as those sales are internet-based.

After Credit Card authorization your DeskProto package will be shipped (DP Full) / your registration code will be emailed (DP Lite and DP V4.2) as soon as possible.

Open order form for DeskProto Full V5.0 (new or upgrade).

Open order form for DeskProto V4.2 (new or upgrade).

Open order form for DeskProto Lite V5.0 (new or upgrade).

Open order form for the 123WaxRing system.